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We’re still shaking off the chill of a South Jersey winter as we speak, but we’ve been getting our fair share of warm, sunny days. And pretty soon those warm sunny days are going to get that signature Jersey edge, meaning the AC system will be quite necessary. But is your cooling system in gear […]

Humidifiers are a great way to keep your South Jersey home feeling cozy and static free, as well as an awesome way to get some really nice health benefits, too. But as a unique system, they also come with some unique problems—not the least of which being a funky, gunky odor. What causes this, and […]

When you’re looking to your HVAC system, you want comfort, you want low heating and cooling costs, and you want reliability. And to get all of these things, there is absolutely nothing even half as important as getting routine HVAC maintenance. If you follow us, you’ve read that sentence plenty. If you’re new, you may […]

If you’ve spent much time on the McAllister blog, you’ll know very well that replacing your air filter on a routine basis is critical to improved performance for your furnace system. But for many of you, this may be your first time doing it. No stress, the job is quick and easy, and our experts […]

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioning system in Somers Point, you’ve probably looked at all of the usual options out there. Central cooling system and heat pumps—you’ve seen these before. But you might have come across something a bit different, too. Been seeing a ductless mini-split system, but not really sure […]

Homeowners all across South Jersey benefit from the surety and safety that a standby generator provides. In fact, many feel that generators are downright necessary around here, where outages aren’t all that uncommon. But if you’re delaying an installation, one of your reasons might be because you’re not sure how it all works. Maybe you […]

As awareness and understanding of how to properly heat and cool our homes has grown in recent years, home energy efficiency has become more and more of a hot topic. More than ever, businesses are being pushed to meet proper energy efficiency standards—and only some are up to the challenge. Here at McAllister…The Service Company, […]

Among heating systems, boilers are somewhat unique in how they operate. Much of the time this works as an advantage—they forgo a lot of the common pieces and parts of a furnace or heat pump, and thus tend to encounter less problems on the whole. But that’s, unfortunately, not always the case. Looking to learn […]

There are a lot of predictions about what this season might have in store for South Jersey homeowners. The general consensus? Cold and snowy! According to various sources, our winter could turn out to be a real mess. Is your Somers Point home prepared to weather what may come? If not, here are some quick, […]