Air Conditioning Services in South Jersey

Providing Air Conditioner Installation, Maintenance & Repair in Pennsauken & Somers Point

As a South Jersey homeowner, you understand the importance of an efficient air conditioning system. There’s nothing better than spending time with your family at the Jersey shore, strolling the boardwalk, or other outdoor activities. But when your busy day comes to an end, it’s nice to relax in a comfortable home that’s cooled by a reliable air conditioner. Whether you’re in need of a new air conditioner or an existing system needs maintenance or repair, McAllister’s cooling technicians can help.

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Air Conditioner Installation

After a busy day at the Jersey shore and fun filled night at the boardwalk, your family looks forward to returning home to a cool home where they can relax after the day’s activities. But if the temperature inside your Pennsauken or Somers Point home is as hot as the weather outside, it might be too uncomfortable to relax. As a Carrier Authorized Dealer, we can correctly size and install a new cooling system that will give you consistent indoor comfort and lower utility bills. We believe that a good job is a job well done, and with our total satisfaction guarantee, you’ll believe it too.

High efficiency cooling systems can cut your energy bills in half. Besides raising the property value of your home and ensuring greater indoor comfort, an ultra-efficient air conditioner can actually pay for itself over time. With an efficient cooling system, you can rest assured knowing your family will stay calm, cool, and collected all summer long.

Maintain the comfort level of your home by choosing McAllister to install a new air conditioning system in your South Jersey home. Contact us today!

Air Conditioner Maintenance

You wouldn’t drive a car that has been sitting idle for months. Think about it, if it started up—which it probably won’t—it’s likely that you wouldn’t make it very far. The same goes for your air conditioner. Like your vehicle, a cooling system needs yearly maintenance to ensure it continues operating at maximum efficiency when you need it most. Without routine air conditioner maintenance, you might find yourself midsummer in the scalding heating with a broken system on your hands.

Why risk your family’s comfort when air conditioner maintenance is a phone call away? Call McAllister at 877-665-7577 to schedule maintenance!

Air Conditioner Repair

There’s nothing worse than unexpected air conditioner problems. Believe us, we understand how important it is to get your system up and running again—your family’s comfort depends on it. Our skilled cooling technicians are a phone call away and can quickly assess your AC system, diagnose the problem, and provide a solution to fix your cooling issues. McAllister has been the company that South Jersey families have turned to for air conditioner repair since 1876. With our team you can rest easy knowing your air conditioner will be up and running in no time.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

Our NATE certified technicians carry many common parts on our service vehicles with most repairs completed in a single visit. If it’s an emergency, one of our HVAC rescue vehicles can be on the scene very quickly. Contact us to schedule AC service if you notice any of the following warning signs:

  • Strange noises. Turn the AC off and schedule a service call. Thunking, rattling, banging, grinding, and other unusual sounds almost always spell trouble.
  • AC is blowing fuses. Don’t take any chances with your electrical system. Turn off the air conditioner and call McAllister for service right away.
  • Water or freon leaks. Although water dripping into a condensate pan is normal, pools of water on the floor or puddles coming from the air conditioner always indicate a problem. Call for air conditioner repair and have the unit serviced.
  • Ineffective thermostat. This usually means that a faulty AC thermostat needs replacement.
  • Ice on or inside your air conditioner. Does your AC sound like a refrigerator in defrost mode? If so, call for air conditioning service immediately. Ice can damage your cooling system’s compressor beyond repair.
  • Uneven indoor cooling. Are some rooms too cold while others are too hot? Your duct work may be to blame. Make sure that all of your air vents are open and not blocked by furniture or curtains. Also check the air filter to see if it needs changing. If the problem continues, schedule an AC service call. Uneven cooling may be due to cracks and leaks in your duct work.
  • Higher than usual electric bills. As air conditioners age, they become less efficient. If your AC is 10-15 years old, it may be losing efficiency due to age. If you have a younger unit, it might just need a thorough tune-up.

Don’t let a small problem turn into a complete air conditioner breakdown. Call McAllister at 877-665-7577 to schedule your AC repair service in South Jersey!

Choose McAllister for South Jersey Air Conditioner Services

Keep your family comfortable all summer long with air conditioning services from McAllister. We’ve been providing top notch AC installation, maintenance, and repair to homeowners throughout the Pennsauken and Somers Point areas since 1876. You can trust our team to get your system up and running efficiently so it’s ready to maintain your home’s comfort levels all summer long. For dependable air conditioning services in South Jersey, choose McAllister.

When the summer weather arrives, you need to be prepared to keep your home comfortable. Whether you need a new system installed in South Jersey, or an old system maintained or repaired, choose McAllister. Contact us online or call us at 877-665-7577 to schedule service.