6 Noises Your Furnace Should Never Make

When it comes to furnace complications, there’s really no such thing as a good problem to have. But not all problems are created equal either, and some can spell bigger troubles than others. Furnace sounds, in particular, can be some of the most problematic issues to have, and they often indicate a need for professional repair. Wondering what sounds are the worst of the bunch and what they mean?

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6 Worrisome Furnace Noises & What to Do About Them

  • Rattling. A persistent rattling usually relates to your furnace’s blower motor or the assembly being loose or damaged. If the rattling is quieter, it usually means it is loose, but the sound will get louder as the assembly breaks and disconnects entirely. Your furnace isn’t in danger of breaking itself, but it will stop supplying warm air if the issue persists.
  • Squeaking. Squeaks are usually due to parts that haven’t been properly lubricated, which is a task commonly performed either by a savvy homeowner or by your HVAC professional during a maintenance visit. This issue is deceptively dangerous, as it can quickly lead to cracked and damaged parts, so call in for furnace repair right away.
  • Squeals. Constant squeals are almost always a belt that is either old, worn down, or has become too loose to operate properly. This is a very good indication that you need an expert to replace your belts. In fact, it probably should have been done while ago if you hear squeals.
  • “Whap”. So this is an odd one, but it’s a bit hard to describe. Think about sticking a piece of paper into a box fan and you’ll have a solid idea of what we’re talking about. In fact, that’s almost the same issue you’re likely having! You usually hear this sound when debris has caught in your fan, either with the internal fan assembly or the outdoor unit.
  • Rapid clicks. This is that sound you hear when your furnace cuts off after running for a bit. Normally it stops pretty quickly and is entirely normal. But if the sound persists for longer than usual or won’t stop at all, you probably have electrical component damage. Which, of course, can be really dangerous. Get it looked at!
  • Banging. Very loud banging noises are kind of like the big daddy of rattling noises. They’re almost always a disconnected or damaged part literally banging around in your furnace. If you hear this, shut your furnace off and call in for emergency furnace repair right away, or you might be looking at a total furnace replacement in the near future.

Furnace Repair Services in South Jersey

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