DIY Furnace Maintenance

Did you know that between professional maintenance visits there are some things you can do all on your own to maximize comfort and reduce energy costs? It’s true! Just like the list of services we perform on each and every maintenance visit, there is a list of tasks you should routinely do, too. Not sure where to start? The team at McAllister has your back!

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The Basics of DIY Furnace Maintenance

Do keep in mind that these tasks are to augment your savings and comfort gains from professional care. It’s not a replacement! True maintenance requires the knowhow and tools of an expert. But that’s not to say DIY care is useless. You can expect to reduce your risk of breakdowns and reduce the energy use in your home by a considerable margin by:

  • Paying attention to your filters. Your air filters are one of the most important parts of the DIY maintenance process. The filter is responsible for not only keeping the air in your home cleaner, but protecting your system from problems like bad air flow, and reduced effectiveness due to clogs and dust accumulation. It is imperative that your filter stay in good condition! Around South Jersey, you should change your filter every other month at the least, and monthly for the best results.
  • Using the right air filter. There are two types of filters commonly used for home HVAC systems: Fiberglass, and pleated polyester filters. Fiberglass filters are cheaper, but have a lower MERV rating than poly filters. So which do you use? It depend on how often you plan on changing your filter. If you’re doing it monthly, the cheaper and shorter-lived fiberglass is great. But if you’re one of those 2-3 month filter changers, a pleated filter is going to get you a lot more energy savings.
  • Ridding your system of dust and debris. Dust poses a surprisingly big risk to your home and HVAC system. It is responsible for a large portion of our repair calls, and tends to murder energy-efficiency. Rid your system of dust and debris by regularly dusting the external portions of your furnace, and feel free to vacuum out the internal portions as well. If you do vacuum your furnace, shut off the power before interacting with your furnace’s insides in any way. And absolutely avoid touching anything. There are a lot of electrical connections, hot components, and sensitive parts in there. Stay safe!
  • Considering duct cleaning. Okay, so this isn’t exactly a DIY, but it’s a service a lot of homeowners neglect. Duct cleaning is a sometimes service that can rid your home of a lot of choking materials, improving efficiency overall. You certainly don’t need a duct cleaning yearly, but if you don’t remember the last time you got one, or you’ve never gotten one, you can see a positive return on the cleanliness of your home and efficiency of your HVAC system.

Get Your Professional Furnace Maintenance with McAllister!

Nail down that DIY part, and leave the rest to our certified HVAC technicians! Professional heating maintenance is the single most important thing you can get for your furnace system, as it improves efficiency, reduces the risks of a breakdown, and identifies potential issues long before they become a full-on breakdown.