5 Fall HVAC Tips for South Jersey Homeowners

Summer is soon to be over, and we’ll all be singing in the streets when cooler weather finally gets here! But as fall sets in, it’s a good idea to take the opportunity mild weather presents us. You won’t be needing heating just yet, and your air conditioner can likely take a rest soon, too. In other words, the perfect time to perform a little home maintenance!

We put a lot of demands on our heating and cooling systems. And while generally they’re up to the task, this consistent reliance will begin to take its toll, resulting in lowered efficiency, lowered comfort, and overall kind of a bad time. The experts at McAllister have compiled a short and sweet list of great ways to max out your heating and cooling efficiency for the year with our fall maintenance tips.

Fall Tips for HVAC Happiness

Worry not, these are all quick and simple. No crawling around in the walls and no complicated guides. Just good, clean, easy ways to win the energy-efficiency game.

  • Never neglect a filter. When you settle into the fall downtime, locate and replace all air filters in your home. If you have central heating and cooling, you’re probably dealing with just the one, but for dual or hybrid systems, there might be two. Replacing your filter is simultaneously the easiest and most effective method of maxing energy efficiency and increasing overall comfort! For the best results, use pleated or polyester filters. They work a bit better and last longer than the standard fiberglass.
  • Clear away dust and debris. Around your indoor unit, give the area and exposed components a bit of a dusting before you kick the heat on. Accumulated dust can wind up in your HVAC system, and will choke it up; not only making your home smell musty, but dropping efficiency as well. Be sure to clear leaves, grass, and debris from the outdoor unit with a stiff brush as well.
  • Build up your defenses. Most South Jersey homes have loads of tiny, hidden air leaks. They can be from weak seals around windows, cracks around doors, and much more. Devote a day to peeking around for these weak spots and either have them professionally repaired or grab some caulk and weatherstripping. All of those little holes aren’t much on their own, but combined many homes could be losing anywhere from ten to twenty percent of all heating and cooling through them!
  • Learn about your home’s insulation. Do you have enough? Too much? Both are a problem! This one can be hard to suss out on your own, so we recommend working with experts to get the ideal amount of insulation for your home. An easy way to accomplish this is by getting an energy audit service. This can find all of the info you need regarding your home’s insulation, and can help locate those air leaks we were talking about before as well!
  • Get a tune-up. The importance of professional maintenance simply cannot be overstated. We beat this particular drum on a regular basis, so we’ll keep the point simple. Less frequent repairs, more energy-efficiency, and better HVAC system lifespans. They’re simply an awesome service, and they bring you everything you’re looking for!

Furnace Services in South Jersey

At McAllister we keep our prices low and our value high. Whether you’re interested in heating system repair, a whole house home performance test, or a furnace replacement our team has the knowledge and experience to do the job right the first time, every time. We trust the quality of our work, which is why everything we do is backed by a worry-free customer service guarantee.

As a South Jersey resident, you need a reliable heating system you can count on to keep your family comfortable when the temperatures reach record lows. Contact us for furnace services including installation, repair, and maintenance!