Are You Prepared for a South Jersey Winter?

There are a lot of predictions about what this season might have in store for South Jersey homeowners. The general consensus? Cold and snowy! According to various sources, our winter could turn out to be a real mess. Is your Somers Point home prepared to weather what may come? If not, here are some quick, easy, and effective tips to keep your home warm and cozy all winter long!

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Prepping Your Home for Winter Weather

When it comes to winter, as it does with most things, it’s all in the preparation. Prepping your home effectively can lead to much more comfort, a more reliable, and functional winter home, and can even have an impact on those heavy energy costs throughout the season. To get your South Jersey house ready, be sure to:

  • Weatherize your windows and doors. These two home fixtures are one of the leading causes for air bleed and loss of conditioned air, whether we’re talking winter or summer. Luckily for you, winter fixes come pretty easy. By snagging some rope caulk or a weatherize kit you can retain all of that warmth you want, and even save a bit on heating costs.
  • Get your insulation checked. When’s the last time you had your insulation inspected? Insulation degrades over time, and if it has been a while, you could actually have far too little insulation—contributing to a lot of discomfort and very high heating costs. If you need some help, our team can provide an energy audit to help you find out!
  • Insulate your pipes. Particularly hot water pipes, and doubly so for pipes that run into the basement or attic areas. Pipe insulation runs really cheap at hardware stores, is very easy to install, and could save you from an inconvenient and expensive burst water pipe this winter.
  • Prepare your HVAC system. Change your air filter and keep doing it every two months for the best results. But if you want to really ensure your system is ready to take on old man winter, be sure to schedule your seasonal HVAC maintenance. Not only will you get better system efficiency, but you could avoid an expensive furnace breakdown!
  • Shore up the defenses. Grab a tube of caulk and hunt around your home for any cracks that you might find. Sealing up wall cracks or even pinholes can save you a lot of heat loss in the winter.
  • Consider a generator installation. No matter how much you prepare, nothing can save you from a power outage in the dead of winter. Except, of course, a generator! A whole home generator can ensure you have the access to electrical power you need, and our Generac generators are the perfect pick to prepare your home for even the worst of winter storms.

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