Should I Replace My AC Before Next Summer?

How would you rate the performance of your air conditioning system this summer? Maybe a little less than awesome, or maybe you stressed a bit over higher than usual energy bills? If so you’re in the same boat as many of your Somers Point peers: stuck trying to decide whether or not it’s worth it to replace your cooling system before next summer.

But this is a decision we can happily say you needn’t make all on your own. McAllister…The Service Company is here to help and on your side!

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When Is Replacing My Air Conditioner the Right Move?

When it’s worth the investment. There’s no doubting that much of the reason you might hesitate to replace is in the initial cost of purchasing a new air conditioning system. We tend to prefer “toughing it out” for as long as possible, don’t we? But that can be a huge mistake! Let’s look at what a sub-par cooling system does to your home first off.

  • Weaker or slower cooling. Whether your system is just getting old or if it had some serious complications recently, the result is the same. Your system just lacks the “oomph” it once had, and now takes ages to cool your home, if it can even accomplish that at all. This is actually one of the biggest considerations because it’s never worth it to put your comfort or health at risk in the name of delaying replacement.
  • Higher energy consumption. If your system takes too long to cool or fails to adequately dehumidify that means it runs longer and runs harder than it should have to. And that directly translates to much higher cooling costs. If you lamented big energy bills this year, they’ll be even bigger next year, and will continue to grow until you replace.
  • More frequent breakdowns. A replacement is a big investment, yes. But it’s a far less stressful and less costly one than sinking two, three, or four repair bills into a system that isn’t even meeting your needs in the first place.

We certainly wouldn’t say it’s wise to jump on the replacement train at the first sign of trouble. More often than not an AC repair service might see to your issue, or seeking routine maintenance and tune-up services may restore the efficiency your system currently lacks.

It’s when these services fail to achieve your needs that replacement becomes the more viable option. And this is why working with an expert that you trust is so important! Whether you choose our team or even another, be sure you’re working with someone who cares about your comfort and can advise you appropriately when it comes time to consider a replacement.

Superior AC Replacement Services in South Jersey

Struggling to decide or looking for some professional guidance? You can count on McAllister to bring you reliable information and assessments! Our goal is always to provide you with the service you need, be it a full system replacement or simply routine maintenance to help you stay comfortable. Contact us online today to set up a consultation!