What to Do Before Turning on Furnace for the First Time This Season

When that first real cold front rolls through you should be able to kick your furnace or heat pump system into gear right away. Proper heating is vital to stave off the coming chill, after all, so your system is in top shape and ready to roll! Or is it? Did you take care of your pre-season checklist and upgrade considerations this year? If not McAllister…The Service Company can help you set things right before Old Man Winter shows up!

What Needs to Be Done Before Winter?

Not too much, and most of it takes little more than trusting your chosen HVAC team or a little bit of elbow grease on your part. We promise you’ll be prepared for the worst after performing these simple tasks:

  • Replace your air filter. We harp on this one at nearly every opportunity, we know. But that’s because it’s extremely simple, and yet very easy to forget. Changing your filter ensures good air flow and plays an important part in the health of your system as well as efficiency. Be sure it gets done!
  • Dust off the heating system. Caked on dust presents a common fire hazard and source of musty, funky odors when your furnace first kicks on, so be sure to do some thorough cleaning this fall.
  • Perform a test run. On a cooler night give your system a kick on and ensure everything seems normal. Listen for odd or loud noises, and ensure the heat coming from vents is free-flowing and warm enough. This is a great way to ensure you don’t need any repairs before the coming cold.
  • Schedule maintenance service. Don’t forget to set a date for your heating tune-up service before the season gets into swing. Early maintenance ensures you reap the most benefits and get the lowest heating costs possible.

Consider Some HVAC Upgrades for Winter 2017!

Often the best way to ensure comfort and reduced costs is to make small, calculated investments. There are a few really low-cost and effective ways to optimize your home heating, including:

  • Wi-Fi and programmable thermostats. Programmable thermostats run smart routines to streamline home heating, helping you stay cozy and lowering costs at the same time. This is probably the easiest upgrade to get and it’ll be paying you back with interest for years!
  • A home energy audit. Energy audits or “home performance inspections” help you to identify trouble spots in your home, such as areas with poor insulation or ducts that leak out all of your hard-earned heat.
  • New heating systems. Okay, true, this isn’t a low-cost option. But it absolutely can pay you back big time, so it’s more than worth mentioning. If your heating system is ten years old or older you could be paying two or three times more per month than you should be, resulting in long-term savings lost. Not sure if a replacement is the right move? We can help you decide.

Heating Services in South Jersey

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