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Winters as rough as the one we’ve been having tend to remind you to take the season pretty seriously. Pipes have to be insulated to avoid freezing, you need better windows to control drafts, you need to clean your chimney—but what about the outdoor unit of your home cooling system? Does it need special attention […]

While easy to forget about when everything’s working smoothly, your heating and cooling systems are one of the most vital parts of any functioning home. When you’re choosing an HVAC company to service your home, you want to find the best option possible, right? The best prices, the best technology, the best service, the best […]

Is it closing in on your first furnace tune-up? Or your first tune-up with a new HVAC provider? If furnace maintenance costs are causing you untold amounts of stress—or even keeping you from scheduling a tune-up date in the first place—then take a deep breath. We’re here to walk you through it! Tune-ups for furnaces […]

Long-gone are the hazy hot days of summer—and it’s going to be a while before we see their return. In the cold deep of winter, it might feel a bit early to be thinking about your air conditioner system. Most of us are busy figuring out the best way to keep our homes warm, not […]

It’s gotten pretty cold this winter: that means winter storms, sleet and snow, and roads slick with ice. As a home or business owner, where is your fuel coming from? If you’re in the market for a fuel delivery service, one of the first things you need is to locate a guaranteed supply. Finding a […]

Do you often find yourself fiddling with your thermostat all throughout the day, or do you struggle with maintaining a cozy temperature between the warmer days and cold nights? If so we can help. McAllister…The Service Company has been helping homeowners stay cozy for decades and we’re glad to tackle topics like perfect thermostat ranges. […]

Your furnace is about to have to fight off some serious chill, so be sure to perform your winter furnace maintenance right away if you haven’t already. Not sure what all needs doing? No worries! McAllister…The Service Company can help you develop a perfect, simple, and low-stress winter checklist strategy. Need the aid of a […]

There’s no such thing as a furnace problem that’s “okay” to have. They’re all awful and stressful, and the vast majority of them mean no heating comfort until they’re fixed. But you may notice the experts at McAllister…The Service Company offer both furnace repair and emergency furnace repair. What’s the difference, and when is the […]

The cold is really starting to sink in around the Pennsauken area. But you didn’t come to us for an obvious forecast. You came here to learn how to stay warmer! And that’s exactly what you’re going to get. Here at McAllister…The Service Company we’re all about keeping our clients equipped with the best info […]

As trusted heating experts in the South Jersey area we get a whole lot of questions. But of all of them come the winter season the one we typically hear the most has to be “Why isn’t my furnace blowing warm air” or “why isn’t my furnace generating heat”. And it’s honestly no surprise! Despite […]