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Over and over, HVAC contractors tell home and business owners that consistent AC tune-ups are the best way to reduce system wear and boost performance. And this is completely true—consistent system care leads to a far more reliable system, as well as lower energy costs. But much of the time, one of the most important […]

Dry heat or moist heat? Which do you prefer? If you’re like most people, you’re probably answering “neither” while you sip on a cool drink in your air-conditioned home. When it comes to a sweltering sun or muggy air and humid conditions, neither sounds very pleasant. Are you sweating yet? Depending on which you experience, […]

People always want the best deal possible, and this is true even when shopping for a new air conditioner. From the model, to the size, to the vendor you purchase from, there are a lot of variables at play. Another important aspect to consider when buying a new air conditioner is not what you’re buying, […]

An electrical problem with your AC unit may seem like a foreign concept to some homeowners, but it’s actually a common issue. There are different reasons or causes for blown fuses, but each one results in the same thing: a lack of cool air. Electrical issues may be intimidating for some homeowners, and that’s perfectly […]

In the summer heat, you count on your air conditioner to keep your home cool. Nothing beats escaping that intense sun and being greeted by a burst of cold air when you enter the house. But sometimes, homeowners encounter an issue that results in their AC unit being a little too cool. It seems strange, […]

You might have thought there was no such thing as “too cool” during a South Jersey summer. But then your air conditioner decided to prove you wrong! Is your AC system frosting over, or trying to become an ice maker without asking? Don’t worry (yet)! There are only a few potential causes, and the pros […]

Is your air conditioner shutting off? Or, more notably, shutting off before it’s done with its job? If so, you’re not at all alone! There are many potential causes for a cooling system to kick off early, and quite a few of them are fairly common problems to have. But what you need to know […]

If you’ve had to have your refrigerant replaced within the past few years, you might have been shocked to find out just how much a canister of the chemical R-22 can cost these days. The hike in price is all thanks to the current phase-out; a plan that is steadily removing R-22 from the refrigerant […]

Winters as rough as the one we’ve been having tend to remind you to take the season pretty seriously. Pipes have to be insulated to avoid freezing, you need better windows to control drafts, you need to clean your chimney—but what about the outdoor unit of your home cooling system? Does it need special attention […]

While easy to forget about when everything’s working smoothly, your heating and cooling systems are one of the most vital parts of any functioning home. When you’re choosing an HVAC company to service your home, you want to find the best option possible, right? The best prices, the best technology, the best service, the best […]