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There’s no such thing as a furnace problem that’s “okay” to have. They’re all awful and stressful, and the vast majority of them mean no heating comfort until they’re fixed. But you may notice the experts at McAllister…The Service Company offer both furnace repair and emergency furnace repair. What’s the difference, and when is the […]

The cold is really starting to sink in around the Pennsauken area. But you didn’t come to us for an obvious forecast. You came here to learn how to stay warmer! And that’s exactly what you’re going to get. Here at McAllister…The Service Company we’re all about keeping our clients equipped with the best info […]

As trusted heating experts in the South Jersey area we get a whole lot of questions. But of all of them come the winter season the one we typically hear the most has to be “Why isn’t my furnace blowing warm air” or “why isn’t my furnace generating heat”. And it’s honestly no surprise! Despite […]

There’s no denying that oil heat offers a whole lot of great perks and benefits when compared to other heating options. But in order to keep things toasty you’re going to be needing an effective and reliable supplier, of which there are many! But many doesn’t always mean quality, and finding quality is your top […]

Whether you’re interested in setting up routine service for the benefits that it brings to your system, or if your new furnace warranty stipulates that you get it, you’re probably wondering exactly what the service is going to run you. Exactly how much does a furnace tune-up cost, and is it actually worth it to […]

Gas heating systems have a lot of excellent and bankable benefits. It’s the majority of why they’re so popular for new furnace installations, of course! However there are a few “benefits” that are commonly touted as leading reasons to purchase one that are a little less than…well a little less than true. Were you told […]

As we head in the cooler months of early fall you might be finding yourself in just a little bit of a conundrum. It’s not quite hot anymore, but it can still get pretty toasty when the sun is high. Having trouble deciding what thermostat setting meets your needs while also saving a bit of […]

How would you rate the performance of your air conditioning system this summer? Maybe a little less than awesome, or maybe you stressed a bit over higher than usual energy bills? If so you’re in the same boat as many of your Somers Point peers: stuck trying to decide whether or not it’s worth it […]

If you’re buying a hot water heater for the first time in a long while, you might notice that there are some more options floating around than there were in the past. Should you stick to the faithful standard with your tank reservoir hot water heater, or is moving to tankless the better option? Follow […]