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10 Tips to Keep Comfortable This Winter

10 Tips to Keep Comfortable This Winter

The cold is really starting to sink in around the South Jersey area. But you didn’t come to us for an obvious forecast. You came here to learn how to stay warmer! And that’s exactly what you’re going to get. Here at McAllister…The Service Company we’re all about keeping our clients equipped with the best info and tools possible, so follow along while we toss out some easy tips to help you retain warmth this year.

Looking to get a new, more efficient and powerful furnace system, or need a tune-up to boost your comfort in Somers Point, NJ? Contact a McAllister expert online today!

No-Cost Tips

Who said nothing good in life is free? Not us. Here are some great ways to stay warm without cracking open your wallet:

  • Run your ceiling fans clockwise. Heat rises, remember? That means all of your hard-earned furnace heat is going up and away from you! Turn your fans to the clockwise setting, though, and they’ll catch the updraft and push the heated air back down.
  • Cover up. Your body rapidly loses heat from any exposed section of skin, which means hats, gloves, thermal clothing, and house shoes can help you out a ton.
  • Close unused doors. We would never recommend closing off rooms with vents (or closing the vents), but we would recommend keeping closets, pantries, and even cabinets closed. Every additional square foot of space means your furnace works harder for less return on comfort.
  • Release your inner chef. Not only will hot food help out, but the oven and range can put out serious heat. They use power, sure, but you were going to do it anyway. Now you just have a secondary excuse to bake cookies all day.

Low-Cost Tips

These small or minimal cost tips can really help you out, both keeping your home warm and dropping your heating costs appreciably:

  • Winterize your windows. Winter window kits are nearly dirt cheap and available at any hardware store. A small investment of cash and time pays off with a lot of dollars saved on heating and a lot more warmth getting kept where you need it most.
  • Get a furnace tune-up. Heating system maintenance cleans and calibrates your system. It’s a minimal investment, takes no time on your part, and the heating difference is honestly huge.
  • Use a room humidifier. Rooms that stay in the ideal relative humidity range (35-50%) feel warmer because they carry thermal energy more easily. Plus you’ll deal with less static shock, and your lungs will thank you, too.

Interesting Investments

You might not be in the market at the moment, but when you’re ready for a top-class solution that will serve you for years here are our best picks:

  • Update your insulation. Getting a home energy audit can tell you just how well (or poorly) your insulation is doing. That way you can plan out an upgrade path that will add warmth, energy-efficiency, and home value all in one.
  • Invest in a whole-home humidifier. Same reasons as before, but whole-home systems can take care of every corner of your Somers Point space while reducing the energy required.
  • Find out if a boiler is right for you. Boilers aren’t for everyone. But modern ones are quite efficient, and literally no other system on the market short of a bonfire in the living room will warm your bones half as well.

Looking for heating experts that have the know-how and tools to help you stay warm this winter? Contact McAllister online now!

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