4 Energy-Saving Tips to Implement This Fall

efficient energy

Fall is a great time for New Jersey homeowners to prep for the cold season ahead. If you want to enjoy a reduced heating bill and stay comfortable all winter long, you’ll want to consider these energy-saving tips.

1. Cover Your Windows

Even the most energy-efficient windows allow some heat to escape, so you want to prevent energy leakage as much as possible. Ideally, you’ll want to have double-paned windows installed. If this isn’t feasible, try covering single-paned windows with heavy-duty, clear plastic film. You can even purchase indoor winterization insulation kits from your local hardware store that include the appropriate insulation sheets and double-sided tape. For even greater insulation, switch out your summer curtains for heavier drapes.

2. Insulate

Aside from insulating your windows, it’s important to insulate other areas of your home for winter. Wrapping your water heater is a must. You can buy specially designed water heater blankets at any hardware store and reuse them year after year, making it a nominal purchase. You’ll also want to check your attic insulation to ensure you won’t be losing heat through the ceiling.

3. Recalibrate Your Thermostat

As a result of dust accumulation or being bumped, thermostats lose calibration over time. Fall is the best time to check your thermostat to ensure it’s clean and properly calibrated for the coming winter. You may even consider protecting your thermostat with a mounted translucent box to improve its accuracy. This is also the prime time to install a newer, programmable thermostat that’s designed to maintain a lower temperature when you’re at work or sleeping, saving you as much as 10 percent each year.

4. Seal Leaks

Ideally, you would have performed a home energy evaluation before winter in order to find sources of air leaks. If so, be sure to seal these leaks using weather-stripping or caulk around leaky windows and doors. Other sources of air leaks that may need addressing include recessed lights, unfinished closet spaces, chimneys, and areas where pipes have been cut.

Fall is also the time to have your heating system serviced or a new one installed before winter sets in, so call McAllister at 877-216-3505 to set up an appointment.

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