4 Summertime Ways to Allergy Proof Your House

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Summertime allergies are the worst. The weather is finally nice enough to play outside and you are stuck indoors with summertime allergies. You may not be able to control the pollen, but there are steps you can take to allergy-proof your home this summer.


The first step is to have your air conditioning unit maintained regularly. Dirty filters are not very good at keeping contaminants out of the air. Dirty ducts and air conditioner coils keep that dirt, dust, and pollen circulating in your home, possibly making symptoms worse. Save yourself and your family the headaches by keeping up with air conditioner maintenance.


You should also have your air conditioning inspected regularly by a professional. A trained HVAC person can detect carbon monoxide leaks as well as mold growth on the inside of your AC system. He or she can also make sure that filtration systems are running well and make adjustments as needed so you know your family is breathing the best air possible.


It is important to ventilate properly as well. One of the most common causes of indoor air pollution is insufficient ventilation, and it is one of the most preventable. Installing gable vents, venting in the eaves, or a better roof ridge can help fresh air find its way inside and let hot air escape.


If allergies are a major problems for you or your family, adding a purifier may be the way to go. Newer systems are capable of removing mold, pollen, and pet dander from the air, as well as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. There are stand alone systems for the worst allergies, but sometimes simply adding a hypo-allergenic filter and changing it regularly can make a huge difference.

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