4 Surprising Things that Pollute Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

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As fall approaches, Somers Point residents start to move most of their activities indoors. When you spend more time inside during the fall months, it’s important to reassess your home’s indoor air quality in order to keep your family healthy. Read on to learn four surprising things that pollute your home’s air.

Carpet and Rugs

Even when your carpet looks neat and clean, it can harbor dust mites, dirt, and debris. When family members or house guests walk through your home or trek across your rugs, they stir up dust that then becomes airborne. To avoid the allergy or asthma attacks that airborne dust mites and pet dander often cause, be sure to vacuum regularly and consider installing an air purifier in your home.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies like countertop wipes, tile scrubbers, and bathtub cleaners should keep your home spic and span, but they can actually do more damage than you realize. Many cleaning supplies include dangerous chemicals that can cause respiratory problems when inhaled. Even if you don’t breathe in deeply while cleaning, your air conditioner can recirculate the chemicals through your home. Use homemade or environmentally-friendly supplies to keep your home’s air cleaner.

Paint and Home Decor

Both interior paint and home decor can release gasses over a period of several years, forcing small amounts of dangerous pollutants into your home’s air. Since it’s difficult to control or dissipate these gasses once they’ve been released, be sure to purchase furniture that isn’t made with formaldehyde-containing pressed wood and paint with a low volatile organic compound (VOC) count.

Art Supplies

Many art supplies like glue and markers include harmful chemicals that can irritate kids’ and adults’ respiratory systems. Reduce the level of these chemicals in your home by relegating potentially toxic art supplies to the outdoors. If you use art supplies inside, be sure to improve interior ventilation by drawing in additional fresh air and using fans to increase circulation.

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