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What Do You Do If Your Air Conditioner Freezes?

What Do You Do If Your Air Conditioner Freezes?

You might have thought there was no such thing as “too cool” during a South Jersey summer. But then your air conditioner decided to prove you wrong! Is your AC system frosting over, or trying to become an ice maker without asking? Don’t worry (yet)! There are only a few potential causes, and the pros at McAllister…The Service Company can help you deal with them all.

Need help defrosting your air conditioner, or need AC repair in Somers Point? Contact McAllister online now to schedule a service!

How Do I Know if My Air Conditioner Is Freezing?

In many cases a homeowner might not know that the problem is a freeze up. Sometimes it’s as obvious as a bunch of puddles on the ground, or even literal ice formations on the unit to its evaporator coils. But other times it’s more subtle. Knowing these less obvious signs can help prompt you to investigate further, so watch out for:

  • Air conditioner won’t reach proper temperature
  • The system kicks off early or short-cycles
  • There are unusual sounds coming from the unit
  • Condensation around the indoor air conditioner
  • Puddles near the outdoor unit

Why Can an Air Conditioner Freeze?

So why can your system get too cold? There, thankfully, aren’t that many causes! Some you’ll be able to handle on your own, some will need a professional repair. Let’s talk about both.

Low or Leaking Refrigerant

It’s actually a common misconception that you can “run low” on air conditioner refrigerant. The cycle your Somers Point air conditioner uses requires three components: the compressor, the condenser, and the evaporator. In this cycle refrigerant cycles at all times, never escaping, and never getting “used up.” What actually happens is that refrigerant can leak, and when it does, it can lead your air conditioner to a freeze.

This happens because the air conditioner will attempt to operate as normal, even without the refrigerant. And important part of the cycle is the refrigerant compressing and reaching extremely high temperatures, and when there’s no refrigerant, the system will begin to accumulate too much cold, leading to ice.

Air Flow Complications

An air conditioner requires very precise air pressure levels (which is why you should not close vents) and a healthy air flow in order to operate effectively. When air flow is restricted, it depressurizes the unit, basically suffocating it and causing excessive buildup of cold air. Thus, ice. The causes for weak air flow include:

  • Blocking return ducts. Vents need to be clean and free of debris, and need to remain unblocked at all times.
  • A dirty air filter. Be sure to replace your filter frequently—once every month or two should be good—in order to promote healthy air flow. It gives your HVAC system an efficiency boost, too!
  • An incorrect air filter. Avoid using HEPA-grade air filters in your air conditioner. These are usually rated for commercial equipment and not home use, although there are a few niche exceptions.
  • Lack of maintenance. A system that doesn’t get an AC tune-up frequently enough will build up tons of grime, dust, and debris, all of which will choke your system in no time. Never skip your annual!

AC Troubleshooting in Somers Point

Dealing with an ice, frosty air conditioning unit? Call on the specialists at McAllister! Our South Jersey AC repair experts can locate the source of your trouble and provide a prompt and accurate repair at any time, so whether it’s regular business hours, or even after hours, never hesitate to dial 800-757-4122!

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