Automatic or On-Demand Oil Delivery—We’ve Got You Covered


New Jersey residents know how quickly winter storms roll in. Don’t get caught out in the cold by forgetting to request fuel oil delivery for your boiler or furnace this winter. Many heating and air conditioning companies offer both automatic and on-demand delivery. On-demand service means that you must keep up with usage and schedule delivery when supplies run low. There is always a risk that you may run out of fuel before the next delivery.

For automatic delivery, a professional service keeps track of your usage and schedules delivery so that you never run out of fuel. McAllister Service Company offers both automatic and on-demand delivery of fuel oil in South Jersey.

Boiler and Furnace Maintenance

As you plan winter fuel needs, don’t forget to inspect your boiler or furnace and storage tank. Seasonal maintenance ensures that all components are in good working order. Clogged burners, dirty filters and plugged nozzles affect performance and can cause more serious problems such as fires or emission of toxic gasses.

An experienced HVAC contractor should inspect the furnace each fall and air conditioner each spring. A well-maintained system experiences fewer breakdowns and uses less fuel to operate. Regular maintenance can also prolong the life of equipment.

About McAllister Service Company

McAllister has provided heating and cooling services to residents in New Jersey for almost 140 years. Our technicians are certified by NATE in core competencies and specialties. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau shows our commitment to excellence. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we adhere to the highest industry standards in technical competency and customer service.

We provide 24-hour emergency service for those situations that cannot wait. We are licensed, bonded and insured. To find out more about our furnace and boiler services, contact us at 877-216-3505.