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How to Change Your Furnace Filter

How to Change Your Furnace Filter

If you’ve spent much time on the McAllister blog, you’ll know very well that replacing your air filter on a routine basis is critical to improved performance for your furnace system. But for many of you, this may be your first time doing it. No stress, the job is quick and easy, and our experts are here today to tell you how to get it done!

Why Do I Need To Replace My Furnace’s Air Filter?

Not familiar with why this task is so important? Well, you’ve got some things to learn then, but we’re happy to clue you in. Changing your air filter, as a homeowner, is one of the absolute most important things you can do.

Changing your air filter on a routine basis (every two or three months) benefits you by:

  • Improving air flow for your furnace
  • Increasing energy-efficiency
  • Reducing the risk of a furnace repair
  • Improving and preserving indoor air quality
  • Increasing the lifespan of your furnace

How to Change a Furnace Air Filter

For the best results, you should check your air filter on a monthly basis. Generally doing the job every couple of months is enough, but every now and then things can go wrong, or your home might be exposed to more dust and dander than usual (an especially common issue in the busy holiday months). If the filter looks crusty and dusty, go ahead and replace it. Filters are fairly cheap,and the benefits pay for it by miles.

The filter should always be located in the blower compartment, which usually has an easy slide-off or pop-off plate covering it. Be sure to locate this on any furnace’s you have installed so you know where it is when the time comes.

Before you get started be sure that you know what filter size your furnace uses. The filter in your system will often display this in inches on its borders. If not, you can measure the filter after step two and then go buy your replacements. It is ideal to keep a few filters around just so you have one available when you need it. Do not buy HEPA rated filters for a home furnace. These are for industrial use, and they’ll choke a standard home furnace in a hurry.

  1. Always start by shutting off your furnace. Safety first in all things, and you don’t need the furnace blowing dust in your face while you’re replacing the filter.
  2. Slide out the current air filter. It should simply be slotted in either vertically or horizontally—and sliding it out requires no tools. It should come out with little to no resistance if you’re sliding it in the right direction.
  3. Slide the new filter in. Simply set your brand new filter in the way you took the old one out and then replace the compartment cover. That’s it!

Superior Furnace Services and Maintenance in South Jersey

Quick, easy, and the benefits are huge. This simple task will help you get the most from your furnace (or air conditioner), and should be done very routinely to preserve performance! Looking to really boost performance and protect your furnace? Contact our experts about scheduling your seasonal furnace maintenance!

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