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How Does a Ductless Split System Work?

How Does a Ductless Split System Work?

Going ductless has rapidly become one of the most effective, innovative, and cost-effective heating and cooling options for homeowners in South Jersey. However for many the tech is still new, and a lot of folks aren’t really sure what a ductless system even is. Want to know what makes a split system tick? The certified HVAC team at McAllister is here to explain!

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What Is a Ductless Split System?

Ductless heating and cooling forgoes the necessity of using ducts by way of utilizing copper piping or cables in order to provide comfort control for your home. These systems can control one or more “zones” independently, offering solutions for homeowners that either don’t want to install duct work, can’t install ductwork, or need a retrofit/augment for existing cooling systems in the home.

When we talk about a split system we can mean one of two things: either a mini-split or a multi-split, though the terms are often used interchangeably. In a mini-split, an outdoor unit connects to a single small indoor unit and will control that single area; say a room or two in your home that needs additional cooling. In a multi-split, the outdoor unit connects to multiple indoor units, controlling each zone independently.

How Does a Ductless System Work?

It doesn’t use ducts, sure, but then what does it use? How does it all work and what does it mean? The answer is actually really simple! The only primary difference between a split system and conventional HVAC (aside from the lack of ducts, of course) is that the blower and evaporator coils are housed in the same spot.

A ductless system still uses a condenser and compressor, just like a traditional system. They just cut out the middleman and simplify the whole process, using those tubings to convey refrigerant, wiring for power, and the combined indoor system for each indoor unit. Easy!

What Are the Benefits of Going Ductless?

Knowing how it all comes together is all well and good, but what exactly does all of this mean for you? It means quite a lot, actually! By saving parts, time, the cost of ductwork, and even more, mini and multi-splits can provide you with a lot of distinct advantages, including:

  • Upgraded energy-efficiency. Without the air loss of ducts, mini and multi splits offer huge efficiency advantages.
  • Zoning comfort control. Control each zone independently for additional comfort, more heating and cooling coverage, and even more savings (by only controlling temperatures where you need to).
  • Low-cost, fast installation. Ductless systems can be installed fast, often within a single day.
  • Near-silent operation. If you hate the road and hum of conventional HVAC, ductless is a silent sigh of relief.

Ductless Split-System Installation in South Jersey

At McAllister our certified and licensed HVAC team carries extensive experience and training in handling top-quality ductless installation service. If you’re ready to learn more, or want to find out how you could benefit from going ductless, contact our experts online!

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