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The ENERGY STAR “Rule Your Attic!” Campaign

The ENERGY STAR “Rule Your Attic!” Campaign

energy star rule your attic

As awareness and understanding of how to properly heat and cool our homes has grown in recent years, home energy efficiency has become more and more of a hot topic. More than ever, businesses are being pushed to meet proper energy efficiency standards—and only some are up to the challenge. Here at McAllister…The Service Company, we believe in making your home a better, more comfortable, more cost effective place to live. Part of that is working to meet (and exceed!) ENERGY STAR® standards.

The ENERGY STAR “Rule Your Attic!” Campaign

If you don’t know, ENERGY STAR is a government-backed program designed to encourage businesses to promote energy efficiency and help customers identify energy efficient products. By working with ENERGY STAR and South Jersey homeowners, our experts at McAllister can guarantee each home they work on is energy efficient.

The Benefits of Home Energy Efficiency

What is energy efficiency? What makes a home energy efficient? Is your own home energy efficient? If, as a Southern New Jersey homeowner, you aren’t sure how to answer these questions, you may want to take some time to find out!

According to ENERGY STAR’s official website, nine out of every 10 homes is under-insulated—that means that they aren’t energy efficient. Or, at least, not as energy efficient as they could be! ENERGY STAR and businesses like ours are working hard to promote awareness of home energy efficiency.

So, what are the benefits of an energy-efficient home? Well, there are three big ones:

  1. Energy – For example, ENERGY STAR certified homes use 15 to 30 percent less energy than other homes. In your average home, air leaks in and out through openings in your walls, windows, doors, and etcetera. A properly-sealed and insulated home holds heat or cold better, with less power consumption.
  2. Savings – It almost goes without saying: when you’re using less energy, you’re using less money! Depending on how energy efficient (or inefficient) your house was before, you might see a huge change in utility bills after properly sealing and insulating your home.
  3. Comfort – An energy efficient home is a comfortable home. Insulation and sealing mean less outside noise leaking into your home, less pollen, dust, and other allergens, fewer insects finding their way inside, and better humidity control—not too damp, not too dry.

Home Performance Audits in Somers Point, NJ

For homeowners looking to improve on their home energy efficiency, a home performance audit from a certified HVAC technician is the smartest first step. Energy audits will help pinpoint which areas of your home are using too much energy, and which areas could be more energy efficient with some minor to moderate changes. Proper audit technicians use a variety of tools and equipment specifically designed to detect air pressure, leaks, drafts, and hot spots throughout your home.

Our McAllister home performance efficiency evaluation, for example, is a thorough process of total home analysis; we want to be able to provide the most accurate and helpful information possible to our customers. We look at:

  • Duct damage and weak spots
  • Air leakage
  • Air flow
  • HVAC energy efficiency
  • In-home insulation values
  • Gas and carbon monoxide levels
  • Moisture damage to interior and exterior

Then we take benchmark values from our gathered information and compare the results to national averages. At McAllister, we want to identify every possible energy saving opportunity, and help you develop a strategy to make your home as energy efficient as any ENERGY STAR certified home out there.

An energy audit offers you a look a new perspective on your home—one you might have never seen. It can be an eye-opening experience. Without knowing what issues your home has and where they are, it’s impossible to properly address them. A home energy audit equips you with the information you need to get your home up to the highest possible standard. Join in the ENERGY STAR campaign with us at McAllister, to make your home a more efficient, better place to live.

Home Energy Audit Solutions with McAllister

Our comprehensive home evaluation services are sure to provide you with a superior solution to meet your comfort needs! With the assistance of our certified HVAC experts, you can expect to enjoy lower costs, and a higher quality of life in the home in no time! Ready to get started with your South Jersey energy audit? Make your appointment today!

If you want to address high energy costs, call the experts at McAllister. We offer complete home energy audits throughout New Jersey.

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