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Does a Gas Furnace Work Without Electricity?

Does a Gas Furnace Work Without Electricity?

Gas heating systems have a lot of excellent and bankable benefits. It’s the majority of why they’re so popular for new furnace installations, of course! However there are a few “benefits” that are commonly touted as leading reasons to purchase one that are a little less than…well a little less than true. Were you told that your gas heating system could operate even if the power went out? If so you might have been told wrong. Follow along with the experts at McAllister to learn more.

Are Any Gas Furnaces Operable Without Electricity?

Unfortunately there aren’t! The problem is that even though the system relies upon gas as its source of fuel and heat generation, the appliance is still based in electricity, and relies upon the resource to operate. Many components actually require electrical access in a modern gas furnace, including:

  • The ignition. The electrical ignition engages every time a gas furnace cycles on. This component basically lights the flame, so to speak, so no power means no starting.
  • Circuit boards and relays. Gas furnaces are modern heating systems, and are constructed with a variety of electrical relays, circuit boards, and other electrical bits and pieces.
  • The blower motor. The blower system pushes heated air through your ducts and into your home via vents. But without electricity the blower motor cannot operate at all.
  • The thermostat. There are a few exceptions here, but most thermostats nowadays utilize electricity to calibrate and communicate with the furnace.

Rather than leave your furnace on during an outage, it’s actually best to ensure the entire system is completely shut down. This is because when the power is restored it can cause minor surges and jolts of electricity, especially if the power flickers on and off. These intermittent surges can do a lot of damage to minor components, so it’s best to close down the system entirely. However you do have another, more effective option.

What Can I Do to Prepare for Power Outages?

Looking for ways to keep your South Jersey home cozy and comfortable on a night without power? Then it’s time to get a standby or portable generator! Generators offer tons of additional safety and added function for your home, and there’s a wide array of options in the market to suit your individual needs. You can either get a:

  • Portable generator. Portable generators aren’t the best option out there, but you can get a hold of ones that can handle your electrical power needs for a gas heating system. Just keep in mind that you need to store it outside during operation!
  • Managed generator. Managed generator systems are a bit beefier and can handle a few operations all at once. These are usually used to keep all critical systems on in an outage, including lights, HVAC, refrigerators, and more.
  • Whole-home generator. As the name suggests, these systems power absolutely everything. When an outage strikes you have absolutely zero to worry about and can stay cozy and functional in your home no matter what.

Heating & Home Power Solutions in South Jersey

Interested in learning more about generator systems, or want to gain the advantages of total power in your home before the winter season strikes in Somers Point? Contact McAllister online now to learn more!

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