Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter. It’s Coming Very Soon.

furnace tune-up

Although meteorologists predict that El Nino will bring unusually warmer weather to the Northeast this winter, residents in Somers Point, New Jersey, should still prepare their heating systems for the cold temperatures that lie ahead. Sure, a few degrees above the frigid average of below freezing at night in December is a minor relief, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon your furnace altogether. Here’s what you can do to ensure your heating system keeps you warm and comfortable all winter long.

Practice Proper Preventative Furnace Maintenance

Although getting your furnace serviced by an HVAC professional is highly recommended before the winter season kicks into fifth gear, there are a few minor tasks you can complete yourself while the temperature begins to drop.

  • Inspect, clean and/or change your furnace’s filter. Complete this simple task at least once a month; the first of the month is an easy time to remember. A dirty furnace filter makes your heating system work harder than it has to, leading to inefficient operation, increased energy costs and major repairs down the line.
  • Check for external signs of wear. If your furnace makes strange noises or has any signs of wear on the outside of it – cracks, for example – it’s likely that you need to contact a heating expert to take a look. The more you ignore the problem, the bigger it’ll become. Waiting until December or January to take care of the issue isn’t a good idea.

Invest in a Professional Tuneup to Avoid a Major Furnace Repair

Of course, when you do spot signs of wear or want a complete heating system tune-up, it’s best to contact a trusted HVAC contractor who knows how to conduct furnace maintenance and repair. Not only will this ensure your furnace lasts longer and keeps you comfortable throughout the winter, but it’ll also alleviate the risks involved in working with this complex HVAC system. And safety should ALWAYS be your first priority!

If you think a furnace repair won’t fix your heating system’s problems, perhaps you’re due for a furnace replacement. Look for any or all of these seven signs and contact us at 609-927-4122 for a consultation before the freezing temperatures arrive.