Have You Fallen Victim to These 5 Home Cooling Myths?

HVAC Myths or Facts

There are a lot of tips and tricks about home cooling, ranging from buying a new A/C to saving energy. There’s also a lot of misinformation that can damage your system and waste money. Here are five home cooling myths to avoid.

Common Home Cooling Myths

  1. Crank the thermostat for faster cooling – Most A/Cs just have a single fan that blows cold air at a set rate no matter what the thermostat temperature is, so setting the thermostat down to 35 degrees for a few minutes so you’ll reach your target temperature of 72 degrees in less time is inaccurate. Setting it lower than necessary wastes time and energy.
  2. A ceiling fan will cool an empty room – Fans don’t actually cool the air; they merely circulate the existing air through the room. The cool feeling comes from the wind chill effect of the air blowing against your skin. Turn your fans off when you leave the room to save energy.
  3. A/Cs should be turned off when no one’s home – If your house is 90 degrees, it takes more energy to cool it effectively than if it’s 80 degrees. Invest in a programmable thermostat and switch to an energy-efficient setting while you’re out so your home will be efficiently cool by the time you return.
  4. Close vents to boost efficiency – Most air conditioners distribute air evenly throughout the entire home, so if you close a register, you’re paying to cool the inside of your duct.
  5. The bigger the better – A bigger A/C doesn’t mean better or faster cooling. If your system is too big for your house, it cycles on and off too frequently, wasting energy, damaging the system, and causing disparate temperatures from room to room. Ask a professional to help you get the correct size A/C for your home.

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