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How to Troubleshoot a Boiler

How to Troubleshoot a Boiler

Among heating systems, boilers are somewhat unique in how they operate. Much of the time this works as an advantage—they forgo a lot of the common pieces and parts of a furnace or heat pump, and thus tend to encounter less problems on the whole. But that’s, unfortunately, not always the case. Looking to learn how to troubleshoot your boiler? Follow along to find out!

Troubleshooting Boiler Problems: The Basics

My Boiler Isn’t Heating

If the boiler is just plain outright not doing its job, it can be hard to decide where to start. After all, a lack of operation isn’t really a “sign” per se, so it leaves little trail to follow. We’d recommend starting by:

  • Checking your breaker box (electrical panel) to ensure the boiler didn’t trip the breaker (or blow the fuse, if your home still uses those). If it did, give it one more try by re-engaging the breaker. But if it trips again, call in for repair right away.
  • Taking a look at your pilot light. If it’s out, take a moment to try to relight it. If it relights, it was just a one-off issue. If it burns orange instead of blue or refuses to stay light, contact your boiler repair professional.
  • Checking to ensure your gas is on, if you use a gas-fueled boiler system. If it is and there is no leak (which is an emergency), then move on.
  • Looking over your thermostat to make absolutely sure all of the settings are correct. It might seem silly, but accidents happen, and you’d hate to call in for repair only to find out the settings got bumped.

My Boiler Is Leaking

A leak can be an immediate source of stress, and sometimes it can be hard to nail down where it’s coming from (or if it’s even actually happening). Water can leak from any valve or from the tank itself, and occasionally it can leak from damaged or cracked pipes/radiators.

Our experts would highly recommend getting familiar with your boiler system and checking it routinely (weekly is best) to ensure there is no standing water around the boiler tank and no signs of water damage on floors or walls near pipework.

My Boiler Is Heating Unevenly

As one of the biggest perks of a boiler system, you certainly want that nice, even heating. So if you’re not getting it, check:

  • That your circulator motor is running. You should be able to hear that healthy purr, and if you don’t, you’ll need a professional to repair the issue
  • If air has become trapped in your boiler lines. If you suspect this to be the cause, ensure that your boiler system is completely cool and bleed the air out by opening the bleed valve located on the head of your boiler. If you’ve never done this, we highly recommend looking up your specific boiler model to ensure you know what you’re doing and to avoid the risks of an injury.

Boiler Diagnostics & Repair Services in South Jersey

Having trouble knowing what to do with your temperamental boiler system? You can trust our experts to help! The McAllister team is certified, equipped, and experienced when it comes to boiler repair, and you can reach us any time online!

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