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Ideal Thermostat Setting for Fall in South Jersey

Ideal Thermostat Setting for Fall in South Jersey

As we head in the cooler months of early fall you might be finding yourself in just a little bit of a conundrum. It’s not quite hot anymore, but it can still get pretty toasty when the sun is high. Having trouble deciding what thermostat setting meets your needs while also saving a bit of cost? The specialists at McAllister…The Service Company have some suggestions!

For a perfect fall and cozy winter this year be sure to set a date for your pre-season heating maintenance! You can set a date with our experts any time by contacting us online.

Why You Shouldn’t Leave it Where it Is

So why care? Why not just run your air conditioner until it’s properly chilly outside, then just shut the thing off. Well, there are two issues with this. One, you’re missing out on a bit of savings that you could be gaining by tweaking your settings. And who doesn’t like to save! And two, you might actually hurt your cooling system by doing this.

This is because around this time temperatures become a lot more willy-nilly, changing at the drop of a hat. If outside gets colder than in your home while the AC system is still running it can actually adversely affect the system, creating sharp pressure drops that result in freezing the cooling unit over, literally forming blocks of potentially damaging ice. This is the big number one when it comes to finding your ideal fall setting.

The Easy Solution

You can certainly play it by ear, making adjustments as needed and upping your setting as time demands. That’s viable enough…it’s just also kind of a pain. If you’re looking for a “set it and forget it” temperature for fall weather in South Jersey you can’t go wrong with the low 70s. 71, 72 are perfect settings for dealing with most days, and if you note a sudden drop in temps (most commonly at night, and doubly so along the shore) you can simply shut it off for a bit.

But are you stuck playing turn-on, turn-off for the whole of fall? Not at all! There’s an easier solution to be had.

The Easiest Solution

We’re talking programmable thermostats! Wi-Fi enabled or smarthome programmable thermostats are absolutely perfect for exactly these kinds of issues. Even the simplest programmable unit can be set to run daily routines, increasing and decreasing temperatures according to your personal comfort.

The higher tier ones can even learn your temperature preferences and learn how to save you even more on energy costs by running streamlined routines. And even better, these systems are a very low cost investment. They’re often quoted as one of the most efficient upgrades to get for homeowners looking for added efficiency, and they aren’t just limited to benefits in the fall. You’ll see savings and better performance in all seasons, we guarantee it.

Programmable Thermostats and HVAC Upgrades in South Jersey

Interested in learning more about programmable thermostats for your Somers Point home? Contact McAllister…The Service Company online or call 609-927-4122. We can help you find the perfect energy-efficient solution so that you’ll never have to stress over thermostat settings again!

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