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Ideal Thermostat Setting for Winter in South Jersey

Ideal Thermostat Setting for Winter in South Jersey

Do you often find yourself fiddling with your thermostat all throughout the day, or do you struggle with maintaining a cozy temperature between the warmer days and cold nights? If so we can help. McAllister…The Service Company has been helping homeowners stay cozy for decades and we’re glad to tackle topics like perfect thermostat ranges. Follow along to find out how to stay more comfortable and save cash!

Tired of messing with thermostats at all? Contact McAllister today to learn more about how a programmable thermostat can fix your problems for good!

Tackling Efficiency vs. Comfort

When someone wants to know about thermostat settings this is really what they’re asking. How much comfort am I happy to sacrifice in order to maintain lower heating costs. And does it matter? Well yes, it does matter. Think on this:

Each degree your system has to heat represents roughly 8-12% more power consumed.

And thus it impacts your bills. That means if you’re setting your system to 73 and calling it a day you could be making your system eat up 20% more power or more. That’s huge over the course of a month!

But at the same time it’s not like you can set it to the average low end (68) and just chill your toes off. For this we recommend finding ways to feel and stay warmer. There are lots of ways to do this, many of which result in allowing you to set a more reasonable number while losing out on none of your comfort.

What About Dynamically Changing Settings?

Chancing your settings on the fly usually means turning the furnace down while you’re away at work or on vacation, as well as turning the system down in the evenings when you’re burrito’d up in bed. And honestly, while a bit of a pain in the foot, it’s a good start! Chancing your settings according to your comfort needs can help you save some cash for sure.

Bu there’s an easier, and actually more efficient solution. Installing a programmable thermostat is the ideal way to get the job done! Unfamiliar? No worries, we can fill you in. Programmable thermostats are a piece of minor smart home technology that will adjust temperatures dynamically on their own. They can do this either by routines you set, or they can learn your preferences and make comfort adjustments as needed.

Is a Programmable Thermostat Really That Good?

It is. You can compare the benefits of a programmable thermostat somewhat to cruise control on a car. You generally get better mileage (on flat surfaces) using it because it dynamically and smoothly shifts according to your needs. It’s a bit of a piecemeal explanation, but it helps you get a better idea.

Plus programmable thermostats feature additional perks like energy reports, remote controlled adjusting, day and night routines, and more. It’s not going to make an old furnace work like new, of course, but a programmable addition pairs very nicely with a system that was installed within the past five years. Plus the thermostat remains usable through furnace replacements.

Furnace Services & Thermostat Solutions in Somers Point

To sum up, 68 is a good cost-saving setting if you can bear it, 70 is best for the majority of us. And if you never want to ask “what is the best thermostat setting for winter?” again go for a programmable thermostat! If you’re interested in learning more you can contact our certified HVAC accessory experts any time online.

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