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Should I Invest In a Backup Generator?

Should I Invest In a Backup Generator?

Severe storms and unruly weather are nothing new to homeowners in the South Jersey area. In fact, you could say we’re all quite well acquainted with power outages and shoddy home electrical, try as our utility providers might. Because of the challenge losing power in your home presents, you might be considering a home standby generator installation. Wondering if that’s your best option? The experts at McAllister are here to give our two cents on the matter!

Our service specialists have been serving homeowners in Somers Point and the surrounding areas for years. It is both our duty and our pleasure to bring homeowners the very best in complete care and service—including generator installation.

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What Is a Standby Generator?

Most folks understand what a generator is to some extent, but there’s an important distinction to me made here. A standby generator is not a portable generator—the ones you can find at a hardware store. Why this is important is that a standby generator provides you with a lot more options, and much more reliable service.

Standby generators are wired directly into your home, and provide a fast (even automatic, if you so choose) and easy solution for outages. This is different from a portable generator, which must be stored, brought out, plugged in, and then run, which takes far more time and can only power a set number of things.

Want to learn a little more? Check out our in-depth standby generator guide!

What Are the Benefits of a Standby Generator?

So, like with all major decisions and investments, you’re looking to weigh the benefits against the cost. So what does a standby generator net you? The benefits include:

  • Increased home safety. Probably the biggest issue with an outage (other than being terribly annoying) is that they put you and your family at risk. With the lights out and your home’s electrical going nuts, the chances of an accident increase a whole bunch. But with a generator, navigating your home is never a stress.
  • Protection for investments and home. A power outage can put a lot of your investments at risk. Food begins to spoil, electrical components are exposed to damaging surges, and even worse. With a generator, all of your home investments are well protected.
  • Added convenience. Retain the use of your kitchen, HVAC system, lights, and even more. That means next time a storm hits, you’ve got nothing to worry about, and your life doesn’t even hit a bump.
  • Extended, more reliable function. Portable generators are handy enough in a pinch, but even well-maintained and fully fueled their function is minimal overall. A standby generator, however, can last for days on end if need be.

Generator Services in South Jersey

So, do you think a Generac generator sounds like a good investment for your home? At McAllister, our team recommends them heartily! Here in Somers Point the weather can be unpredictable, but with a generator in your home, you’re well-equipped to take on the worst. If you want to learn a bit more about generators for home use, give us a call or contact us online today!

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