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Reduce Your Cooling Costs in South Jersey This Summer

Reduce Your Cooling Costs in South Jersey This Summer

With temperatures in South Jersey really pouring on the heat, you’re likely finding yourself leaning on your cooling system more and more as the months wear on. That’s totally fine! This is what high quality temperature control is there for—and if you’re working with a McAllister expert, your system is equipped and ready to provide.

But as we all know, part of the problem comes in balancing the rapidly increasing cooling costs that come along with the need to stay cool. To help you keep cool, and not go broke doing it, our team of certified HVAC specialists have come up with a quick and easy list of ways to keep cool and maximize your system this summer!

Keeping Cooling Costs Down

When it comes to keeping comfortable for a reasonable cost, it’s all about ensuring your system is working at its best, and doing all you can to meet its potential. You can do this by:

  • Steady temperatures. When the heat is on, the temptation to max out your cooling system is high to be sure. But when you’re talking about AC workload and the accompanied cost, it’s all about temperature difference. If it’s, say, ninety degrees outside, and you’ve got your system set to seventy, your AC has to make up a difference of twenty degrees. Not only is it hard for your system to do, but it costs a ton as well! Try keeping your system as median as possible, raising the temperature in the evenings, and you’ll be seeing a huge difference on your cooling costs.
  • Stay well insulated. Another major factor of your cooling potential, a well-insulated home will retain cool, comfortable air and repulse high external temperatures much more effectively. If you’re unsure of how much insulation you need or whether or not you need to shore up your home’s insulation, pursue an energy audit service to get the answers you need!
  • Seek routine maintenance. A well cared for system will reward you with cooler, higher quality temperature control. What’s more, your system will stay considerably more dependable, having fewer causes for professional repair mid-season. To reduce cooling costs, absolutely nothing is more effective than professional maintenance!

Quick Air Conditioning Tips

Wondering if there are some small things you can do on your own to maximize your comfort? There are!

  • Change filters regularly. During peak months, be sure to change your air filter monthly for the best results. A clean, consistent filter will improve the air quality in your home, ensure you’re getting the best performance from your AC, and can ward off untimely repairs.
  • Never close off rooms with vents. Some homeowners might attempt to “close off” areas occupants aren’t currently using. And if we’re talking closets or utility space, there’s some truth in this. But never close off rooms that have active vents, or never attempt to close off vents themselves! This alters the air pressure your air conditioner depends on and was calibrated to accommodate, and can actually have a hugely negative impact on efficiency.
  • Close windows. We all like a little natural light, but direct sunlight can increase the temperature of a room by anywhere from one to ten degrees! Using window coverings might make it a bit darker in the home, but it will keep it considerably cooler as well.

Choose McAllister for South Jersey Air Conditioner Services

Keep your family comfortable all summer long with air conditioning services from McAllister. We’ve been providing top notch AC installation, maintenance, and repair to homeowners throughout South Jersey since 1876. You can trust our team to get your system up and running efficiently so it’s ready to maintain your home’s comfort levels all summer long. For dependable air conditioning services in South Jersey, choose McAllister.

When the summer weather arrives, you need to be prepared to keep your home comfortable. Whether you need a new system installed in South Jersey, or an old system maintained or repaired, choose McAllister. Contact us online or call us at 609-927-4122 to schedule service.

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