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Should I Replace My Air Conditioner in the Winter?

Should I Replace My Air Conditioner in the Winter?

Long-gone are the hazy hot days of summer—and it’s going to be a while before we see their return. In the cold deep of winter, it might feel a bit early to be thinking about your air conditioner system. Most of us are busy figuring out the best way to keep our homes warm, not cool, right?

Still, for anyone who is considering an air conditioner replacement, or has a unit that definitely needs replacing before the hot season rolls back around, you might be wondering: “When is the best time to replace my South Jersey air conditioner?” Should you wait until the proper season? Or is it better to buy off-season, when the demand is lower? Surely prices job when there’s no need for AC units! Well, wonder no longer: we’ve got the answer to your question.

What Are Off Seasons in HVAC?

Basically an off season is any season that isn’t the one an HVAC system was designed to work in. For an air conditioning system fall is the off season (in most of the States), as is winter, and in some places spring as well.

Using these off seasons can often be advantageous since demand is down and supply tends to be creeping up, which can translate into some fairly hefty savings when you’re talking about a new air conditioner purchase and installation.

Is Winter the Best Time to Replace?

It can be, but anyone who tells you that it’s always the best time is just trying to sell you something. The fact is the price of air conditioners can fluctuate on a variety of factors, some of which can depend heavily on the season. You’ll want to look at things like:

  • Is the manufacturer selling lower this time of year?
  • Is the HVAC installation company you are working with offering specials on winter installations and replacements, or on labor or parts?
  • Are other contractors offering better deals?

Because of things like these it’s better to say that in the off season is the best time to replace your AC, which can be any range of times. All in all its best to work with a trusted contractors, discuss your needs, and find a price and installation you can be happy and satisfied with. Don’t feel rushed! Having some time to work out the right deal at the right price is another advantage of buying in winter or fall.

Why Not Wait Until the Summer?

It’s when you need it, so why not buy it then, right? Well it is a terrible idea for many reasons, we’re afraid. If you need a system or your AC breaks down in the summer, by all means! Comfort comes first. But planning to buy in the summer means fighting a high demand (which generates higher prices) and leaves you stuck in a hard place. It’s difficult to shop around when you feel like you’re melting into your shoes.

Winter Air Conditioning Replacement in South Jersey

Thinking it might be wise to shop around and get prepared for the next sweltering Jersey summer? We do, too! At McAllister we’re always happy to help you find the right deal and the right price, so contact us today to discuss your cooling needs and we would be more than glad to help.

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