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What to Do Before Turning On Your AC This Year

What to Do Before Turning On Your AC This Year

We’re catching the first few waves of that South Jersey summer heat in these past few weeks. If you haven’t already, you’ll be kicking on that cooling system before long. But before you do, there are some things you should make certain get done!

A routine spring maintenance is the best way to make sure you get the cooling quality and reliability you need to fight off our warmer seasons. Today our team is here to help you learn what needs to get done on your end, and what our team needs to get done for you, too.

Have you scheduled your annual air conditioner or heat pump maintenance visit? If not, contact us online today to get started!

5 Things You Should Make Sure to Get Done This Spring

These tips are fast and easy, so don’t worry about some sort of rigorous regimen or high-cost investment! It’s all quick to get done and can go a long, long way in helping you keep comfort high and stress low:

  1. Clean your outdoor AC unit. Throughout the winter and fall months, the chances are pretty good that some dust, debris, and gunk got caught up in your outdoor unit. Make sure this is all cleared away and clean the fins of the outdoor unit thoroughly to promote better air flow and reduce the risks of a breakdown.
  2. Change and upgrade your air filter. Swap out that old filter for a new one, and while you’re at it consider upgrading from fiberglass to polyester. The poly filters last longer, do a better job, and go a long way in reducing allergens in your home air.
  3. Dust off the indoor unit. Clearing away the cobwebs and dust makes sure they don’t end up in the cooling system, where they might cause trouble and reduce HVAC efficiency. It also gets rid of a common home fire hazard and safety is always a great bonus.
  4. Do a simple inspection. Nothing intense, and you shouldn’t need any tools. Just check everything that is easily visible, particularly electrical cords and the unit itself. You’re looking for signs of wear and damage like cracks or dents. If you spot anything unusual, now’s the best time to set a date for AC repair before the season starts up in earnest.
  5. Take it for a spin. It’s been a good few months since your air conditioner has seen any action. Being sedentary for a while can let small problems develop, and now is a good time to make certain nothing has cropped up over the winter. Let the unit run for a good, solid hour, and check the air coming out of your vents to be sure it’s as cool as it should be.

Schedule Professional AC Maintenance in South Jersey!

When things are settled and squared on your end, it’s time to call in the experts for the nitty gritty, detailed stuff. A professional AC maintenance visit protects your system from the common causes for a breakdown, and helps to optimize your air conditioner’s efficiency. The result is lower costs, more comfort, and a lot more reliability for your system.

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