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How Will a Home Energy Audit Help?

How Will a Home Energy Audit Help?

When we’re talking about heating and cooling in your home, there is one particular factor that the majority of homeowners will put before even personal comfort. What would that be? Cost, of course! And so the pursuit of reducing costs while also maximizing comfort is an endless one here in South Jersey. Want to know the best way to do both at the same time? Try an energy audit!

The certified professionals at McAllister have been bringing homeowners superior home energy audits for decades. We want to make sure we’re always providing you with the absolute best we can provide, and an energy audit is bar-none the best way to get ahead on making your home the perfect combination of comfortable and cost-effective.

What Is an Energy Audit?

They’re also known as an energy assessment, home performance assessment, among a few other terms, but these all mean the same thing. Basically, an energy audit is a comprehensive analysis of your home to identify areas that need improvement. The improvements are based on minimizing energy loss, maximizing insulation and temperature retention, and balance to home air pressure.

The process is always performed by a certified professional that carries the tools and skills to ensure the audit is flawless. Things that will be checked include, but are not limited to:

  • Air flow and air leak diagnostics
  • A full inspection of HVAC equipment
  • Identification of sources and causes for moisture damage if present
  • Current insulation values within the home

There’s a lot more to the process, and if you’re looking to know more, McAllister provides a full recollection of the entire audit on our energy audit page!

How Does an Energy Audit Help Me?

Through the identification of trouble areas, needed repairs, upgrades, and recommended home improvements will be provided by your energy audit specialist.

When you pursue the updates and recommendations of an audit, you can expect to see:

  • Drastic improvements to energy use. By performing the upgrades and repairs recommended by an audit, you will absolutely see much lower heating and cooling costs, directly impacting your wallet in a very positive way!
  • Increased home comfort. By maximizing insulation and removing air leaks, you can expect to get a lot more heating from your heating system, and a lot more cooling as well. This means a more comfortable, more temperature-stable home.
  • A safer home. An audit will locate a lot of potentially threatening home issues, such as mold, water damage, faulty wiring, among others. The result is being able to make your home much safer, and a lot less costly to maintain over the years.

When Should I Get an Energy Audit?

Right away! Especially if you’ve never had one, don’t remember the last time you did, or it’s been a few years. Next to routine HVAC maintenance, an energy audit is the most important way you can maximize the savings and comfort in your home, and it’s best pursued relatively frequently to ensure you keep up with your home’s need.

Looking to learn a little more and get some handy statistics on home energy audits? Check out this useful infographic!

Home Energy Audits in South Jersey

Our comprehensive home evaluation services are sure to provide you with a superior solution to meet your comfort needs! With the assistance of our certified HVAC experts, you can expect to enjoy lower costs, and a higher quality of life in the home in no time! Ready to get started with your South Jersey energy audit? Make your appointment today!

If you want to address high energy costs, call the experts at McAllister. We offer complete home energy audits throughout New Jersey.

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