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Winter Maintenance Checklist

Winter Maintenance Checklist

Your furnace is about to have to fight off some serious chill, so be sure to perform your winter furnace maintenance right away if you haven’t already. Not sure what all needs doing? No worries! McAllister…The Service Company can help you develop a perfect, simple, and low-stress winter checklist strategy.

Need the aid of a professional to enact your winter heating checklist, or did you miss your fall furnace tune-up? Call McAllister or contact us online now!

Homeowner Furnace Tune-Up Checklist

As a leading furnace service contractor in the South Jersey area we know exactly how to optimize your system for perfect performance throughout the winter months. Perform these tasks for a cozier, breakdown-free home this year:

  • Change your air filter. It’s the first item on every single list we make on this topic. And there’s a reason for that! It’s one of the easiest things a homeowner can do without the aid of a heating expert, and is responsible for keeping your system in good order this year. Don’t forget it!
  • Clean all vents. Vents caked with dust, or ones that are closed, prevent healthy air flow. This can make your heating really wishy-washy and create a lot of cold spots in rooms. Not to mention restricted air flow is one of the leading causes for a furnace breakdown.
  • Check your ducts. Shine a light in your ducts to ensure there aren’t mounds of dirt and dust in them. Duct cleaning shouldn’t be needed on a yearly basis, but every few years the ducts will probably need some help.
  • Inspect your thermostat. Is it responding to temperature changes, and does the number displayed match the feel of your home? It’s not a bad idea to get an ambient thermostat for the larger rooms in your home so you can verify accuracy.
  • Schedule a tune-up. Nothing will provide you more benefits and return than yearly professional furnace tune-ups. They’re a vital part of keeping your system in working order, so if you haven’t yet be sure to schedule one.

Helping Out Your HVAC Around the House

The above should all be done as soon as possible for the best heating results this year. But that’s not all that needs to be done! There are some around the house tasks you can take up for even more heating and savings this season:

  • Reverse your fans. Fans running clockwise push warm air back down into the room, creating a far more even temperature and helping you run the furnace at lower settings comfortably.
  • Check for air leaks. Even a pinhole leak can push a lot of outdoor air in or indoor air out. You don’t even need a contractor for this one! Just a tube of caulk or sealant can end up saving you money and keeping you cozy.
  • Weatherstrip doors and windows. Gaps around windows and doors can account for a huge amount of lost energy, money, and comfort. Check them over and be sure to feel for any drafts. If you find some temporary rope caulk can offer a no-mess solution for the season until you can get a replacement.

Winter Heating Services with McAllister

Our specialists are trained and skilled in meeting all of your heating needs. Whether it’s time for a tune-up or you are ready to get the advantages of a new furnace installation give us a call at 800-757-4122 or contact us online!

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