Bosch Greenstar & Buderus Boilers in South Jersey

When the winter weather takes on New Jersey, you need a reliable heating system that keeps your home warm, protecting your family from the temperatures outside. Have you considered installing a new boiler in your home? If so, consider installing a Bosch Greenstar or Buderus boiler. At McAllister we’re proud to offer leading quality products from Bosch Greenstar and Buderus. With our complete training and experience with their products we can confidently offer the absolute best in full boiler services, helping you stay comfortable all throughout the fall and winter seasons. Whether you’re seeking Buderus boiler installation, repair services, or even simply routine maintenance, we’re the experts you can count on.

We offer these Bosch Greenstar and Buderus boiler services:

Keep your South Jersey home warm and cozy all winter long with a Bosch Greenstar and Buderus boiler system. Contact us online or call us at 609-927-4122 to learn more about our boiler services.

Why Choose Bosch Greenstar and Buderus?

At McAllister, we install the highest quality boiler systems throughout South Jersey—Bosch Greenstar and Buderus boilers! Every Bosch product is built with one goal in mind—to enhance the quality of your life every day by providing solutions which are both innovative and truly beneficial. Similarly, Buderus products are known for quality, innovation, and setting the standard for efficient, reliable heating equipment. These boilers have two types of AFUE ratings.

  • AFUE 95 boilers – The Bosch Greenstar Series comprises of four different condensing boiler units, all with 95 percent efficiency, quiet operation, and low emissions. All models feature:
    • Advanced aluminum-silicon heat exchanger
    • User-friendly controls that optimize efficiency and fuel consumption
    • Keypad safety lock system to prevent tampering with controls
    • Standby mode for lower electrical consumption
  • AFUE 80 boilers – The Logano series of gas boilers from Buderus features AFUE ratings in the 80 to 87 percent range. Long-lasting and durable, the Logano series offers:
    • Clean combustion
    • Thermostream technology for reliable operation
    • Flexibility (some models can be fitted for gas or oil fuel; others can easily be converted to propane)
    • Variety (you can choose an ENERGY STAR®-qualified model)

Ready for consistent and reliable heat all winter long? McAllister can install a Bosch Greenstar or Buderus boiler in your Somers Point home! Contact us today!

South Jersey Boiler Services

Our boiler service features top brands such as Bosch Greenstar and Buderus, so you can count on comfortable heat and lower fuel costs. When you choose our boiler installation services, you will get a boiler that is built to last, making it a solid investment if you are upgrading or replacing your existing heating system. And because our products are backed by industry-leading warranties, you know you can expect reliable operation for many years to come.

When a boiler system breaks down, you need an experienced contractor who has advanced knowledge of the boiler repair process. At McAllister, our technicians are trained to repair any brand of boiler system—including both Bosch and Buderus. When you choose McAllister, a member of our team will quickly troubleshoot your unit and replace the defective parts.

For expert boiler service in South Jersey, there’s only one name you need to know—McAllister. Call our team at 609-927-4122 to schedule your boiler installation or repair today!

Bosch Greenstar & Buderus Boiler Installation

The day your boiler is first installed will determine how well and how efficiently it operates for the rest of its lifespan. In order to maximize comfort and performance you want experts who carry extensive experience and specialized training with your boiler system—traits our team carries for these products! Our ongoing training and breadth of knowledge makes us uniquely adept at handling and installing Bosch Greenstar and Buderus boiler systems, ensuring you’ll get a perfect product and the service to match for your installation and replacement needs.

Replacement Bosch Greenstar & Buderus Boilers with McAllister

They may be built to last a long time, but they aren’t going to hang in there forever. The day will come when you’ll need a replacement, and when it does you’ll want the benefit of a certified and licensed team that understands Bosch Greenstar and Buderus boiler systems. Our experts can help you select the ideal new model, restoring your comfort and efficiency and bringing you the sure service of a new boiler system.

Call on our experts for replacement when:

  • Your boiler is losing efficiency
  • You need repair services too frequently
  • Your boiler is 15-20 years old
  • There are cold spots in your home
  • Your heating costs are too high

We Repair Bosch Greenstar & Buderus Boilers

We’ve been handling products from these manufacturers for years now, meaning we’ve seen and repaired it all. Anything from reduced energy efficiency and uneven heating to a boiler leak, we can offer you superior service that restores comfort and the function of your systems as soon as possible.

Bosch Greenstar & Buderus Boiler Maintenance Services

Bosch Greenstar and Buderus products are an excellent investment, but they can be a fairly sizable one as well. Ideally you want your system to operate efficiently and reliably for years to come, and that’s where our boiler maintenance team comes in! Our experts have the skill and knowledge needed to provide full service maintenance for all Bosch Greenstar and Buderus products.

We offer complete boiler cleaning, component inspections, electrical connection checks, leak detection, tank flushes, and even more to help you get the most of your boiler and to ensure it lasts a long, long time.

Bosch Greenstar & Buderus Boilers in South Jersey

Our products and technician training is what allows us to stand out from our competition in Somers Point. We install Bosch Greenstar and Buderus boilers because they are some of the most reliable options on the market and we want you to be completely satisfied with your investment. At McAllister, we want to be the first—and the last—call you make when hiring a heating company for boiler services.

Keep your family comfortable through the bitter cold Jersey winters with a reliable boiler system from McAllister. Contact us to schedule boiler installation, replacement, or repair!