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Boiler Services in South Jersey

Providing Boiler Installation & Repair in Somers Point

Living in South Jersey, you get to experience all four seasons—but that doesn’t make the winter months any less brutal. No matter how cold it gets, you never get used to the bitter wind making your teeth chatter. When the winter weather takes on New Jersey, you need a reliable heating system that keeps your home warm, protecting your family from the temperatures outside. Have you considered installing a new boiler in your home? McAllister has been installing and repairing boiler systems throughout South Jersey since 1876, which is why you can trust our boiler technicians will get the job done quickly and effectively.

Keep your South Jersey home warm and cozy all winter long with a boiler system from the contractors near you at McAllister. No matter the weather outside, you’ll never have to worry! Contact us online or call us at 800-757-4122 to learn more about our boiler services.

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Boiler Installation in South Jersey

If you’re considering replacing an existing system or installing a boiler in your South Jersey home, it’s important that you contact a reputable company like McAllister. Our expert boiler technicians will provide high-quality service so you can rest easy knowing your system will be set up correctly—the first time—and will work properly for many years to come.

Our boiler service features top brands such as Weil-McLain, Navien & AprilAire, so you can count on comfortable heat and lower fuel costs. When you choose our boiler installation services, you will get a boiler that is built to last, making it a solid investment if you are upgrading or replacing your existing heating system. And because our products are backed by industry-leading warranties, you know you can expect reliable operation for many years to come.

For expert boiler installation in South Jersey, there’s only one name you need to know—McAllister. Call our team at 800-757-4122 to schedule your boiler installation today!

Why Choose a Boiler Heating System?

Modern heating equipment has come a long way from what it was 50, even 10 years ago. From furnaces to heat pumps, ductless systems and geothermal systems, you’re spoiled for choice! So why choose a boiler over all the rest? In the end, it’s all about weighing the perks, and a boiler offers plenty of them. By choosing boiler heating for your home you’ll gain:

  • Powerful home heating. Most modern heating systems can do a pretty decent job keeping up with your home. But absolutely nothing on the market matches a boiler in sheer power and even heating. You’ll be free of cold spots forever, and the heating quality will warm you to the core.
  • Advances in efficiency. In the past a major weakness of boilers was inefficiency, but with modern equipment advances and system streamlining they can match even high-efficiency furnaces in AFUE rating.
  • Reduced carbon footprint. Boilers burn clean fuels safely and efficiently, helping to bring you an environmentally friendly heating option over the competition.
  • Air quality advantages. The absence of forced air and duct systems means that you never cycle dust and other common pollutants throughout your home, resulting in a cleaner home and more breathable air.
  • Quiet system operation. Boilers border on completely silent, helping to keep the peace and quiet you want on a cold winter night.

Not sure if a boiler is the solution you’ve been seeking? You don’t have to decide alone! At McAllister, we don’t want to just give you any heating system. We work tirelessly to match you with the perfect heating equipment to suit your needs. We’re not here to make a sale—we’re here to build a strong business relationship with our Somers Point clients!

Boiler Replacement in the Somers Point Area

Whether your boiler replacement has been planned for or has come as an unexpected surprise, your choice of replacement and the company you choose to install it will determine the comfort and safety of your family for years to come. Boiler technology has been around for centuries, with the first models being of a much simpler design than the boilers of today. Although the technology has come far, it continues to evolve, meaning that the boiler which was installed in your home 20—or even 10—years ago is much less efficient than those made today.

Asking Alexa to “find a boiler replacement contractor near me”? Contact the experts at McAllister to learn more about boiler replacement in and around the South Jersey area. 

Boiler Maintenance in South Jersey

Only a licensed, trained professional should perform maintenance on your boiler to ensure your safety and comfort, and to avoid voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. There are a number of performance checks that the homeowner should carry out on a weekly basis, including the following:

  • Ensure the area around the boiler is free of debris, combustible materials, and obstructions.
  • Listen for any unusual noises or vibrations.
  • Inspect the floor beneath and around the unit, watching for signs of water leakage.
  • If your boiler has a display panel, watch for error, or service codes, and call McAllister for immediate service.
  • Keep a close eye on the vent termination, ensuring it is free of debris, ice, or snow.

Call us today at 800-757-4122 to learn more, or to schedule routine maintenance near you

Boiler Repairs

Boilers are complex systems that contain numerous moving parts and electronic components. When a boiler system breaks down, you want to call a contractor who has advanced knowledge of the boiler repair process. Every boiler repair starts with a complete evaluation of the unit and the distribution system. Included in our boiler repair service is an inspection of the burners, convectors, radiators, and controls. A McAllister technician will quickly troubleshoot your unit and replace the defective parts. If your boiler has a rusted or corroded surface coil, we can provide a number of suitable replacement options.

Signs You Need a Boiler Repair

If your boiler is making odd noises or leaking, you need quick and effective boiler repair services. At McAllister, we provide a number of boiler services that will help keep your system operating dependably and efficiently. The most common boiler issues include:

  • Pipe leakage
  • Excessively high or low water pressure
  • Inadequate heating
  • Unusual pipe noises

If you’ve noticed any of these problems with your boiler, it’s time to call a professional to get your system back to operating at peak efficiency. Contact the boiler experts at McAllister today.

Call our office and we’ll add you to our Southern New Jersey oil delivery schedule right away.

Superior Boiler Products with McAllister

We make a point to choose top-class products for our clients to match our superior service. That means working with known leaders in the industry like Weil-McLain, Navien & AprilAire—folks who have mastered their craft, and who always strive to bring consumers better and better solutions.

Weil-McLain Boilers

As the largest United States manufacturer of cast-iron boiler systems, Weil-McLain has built a reputation for seeking perfection. Superior design and top-class energy and fuel efficiency is their calling card meaning you’ll benefit from a whole lot more than just a comfortable home. With AFUE ratings between 80-95%, there’s a Weil-McLain boiler for any budget or need.

Boiler Installation, Replacement, Maintenance & Repair in Somers Point

Our products and technician training is what allows us to stand out from our competition in Somers Point. We install Weil-McLain, Navien & AprilAire boilers because they are some of the most reliable options on the market and we want you to be completely satisfied with your investment. At McAllister, we want to be the first—and the last—call you make when hiring a local heating contractor for boiler services. Our family-owned business has been providing South Jersey with top-quality HVAC services since 1876!

Contact us today to schedule a service.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a boiler and a furnace?

Boilers use water to heat your home, circulating the water through the heat exchanger and pumping it through pipes to warm your baseboards or radiators. The water then cycles back and starts over again. Furnaces heat your home through forced air that has been heated before blowing through your duct system and out your vents.

They can! Combo boilers are available that will heat both your home and your water. Other boiler systems use an external hot water tank to heat and store hot water.

This depends primarily on your home's size and your comfort expectations. Our team of expert heating technicians will work with your diligently to ensure you select the perfect system for your homes comfort and your budget.

You can expect your boiler to last between 10 and 15 years. With proper annual maintenance, this number could be even higher!

If your boiler is nearing the end of its anticipated service life, it's a good idea to start considering a replacement. Likewise, if your boiler's flame is yellow instead of blue, your system can't keep up with your home's heating needs, or your energy bill has begun to skyrocket, it's likely time to replace your boiler.

Other than scheduling annual, preventative maintenance, it's also important to keep your boiler clean. Clean surfaces transfer heat more quickly, so make it a habit to regularly wipe down your baseboards and radiators. You can also check the airflow through the louvers on your baseboard to ensure they are free of obstructions. Finally, set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature and then leave it alone. Boilers burn more fuel trying to "catch up" after extended setbacks.

More questions? We'd love to answer them! Contact us to schedule boiler installation, replacement, maintenance, or repair for your South Jersey home today!

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