Ductless Cooling in South Jersey

McAllister…The Service Company has been providing home and business owners in Somers Point, and the surrounding South Jersey areas with reliable solutions and top-class care for well over a century. When it comes to ductless cooling, no one does it better! Whether you are seeking a new ductless cooling installation, or need fast and accurate repair, you can always rely on our certified HVAC team.

McAllister offers:

  • Ductless cooling installation
  • Ductless cooling replacement
  • Ductless system repair
  • Routine HVAC maintenance

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What Is Ductless Cooling?

Ductless systems operate somewhat similarly to how a standard heating or cooling system works, except, as you might expect, without the use of ducts! This works by way of one outdoor unit housing the compressor and condenser coils, and one or many indoor units that are installed throughout the home.

The use of copper piping and wires allows the ductless system to move cool air into the home, and opens up the opportunity of zoning, the ability to cool rooms separately with a dedicated thermostat for each indoor unit.

South Jersey Ductless Cooling Installation & Replacement

Ductless systems provide a bunch of excellent and unique benefits! Powerful cooling, exceptionally high efficiency, zoning capability, and even improved air quality can all be yours with McAllister at your side.

Our team carries specific training in ductless system installation, and we can help you choose the best option to suit your comfort needs. Our installations are flawless, optimizing your new ductless system for perfect efficiency and the maximum dependability.

Is It Time to Replace Your Ductless System?

It can be hard to tell when replacement beats out a repair service, we know. But there are some telltale signs that can let you know when a new system will serve your needs best, including:

  • Reduced efficiency
  • High cooling costs
  • Frequent repairs
  • Age

Ductless AC Repair in South Jersey

Our summers are brutal, and when your ductless system goes on the fritz, you need solutions—and you need them now! Our dedicated repair professionals carry all of the tools and diagnostic training needed to provide accurate and effective repairs for your ductless system. Contact us right away if:

  • Your ductless system is blowing warm air
  • There are odd sounds coming from your system
  • The air quality in your home seems poor
  • Your ductless system is leaking moisture or refrigerant

When you need repair in a hurry, Mcallister offers emergency repair day or night, weekday or weekend!

Ductless Cooling Maintenance

To ensure your system keeps working at its best, you need to be sure it gets the care and professional maintenance it needs. Without professional service, your ductless cooling system becomes more prone to breakdowns, and that high efficiency you enjoyed when it was installed will begin to plummet.

To meet your maintenance needs, the certified maintenance team at McAllister can provide the cleaning, tune-ups, and care your ductless needs! And for even more benefits, perks, and quality service, you can join up for a McAllister maintenance service plan!

Choose McAllister for South Jersey Ductless Cooling

Keep your family comfortable all summer long with ductless mini split services from McAllister. We’ve been providing high quality ductless mini split installation, maintenance, and repair to homeowners throughout South Jersey areas since 1876. You can trust our team to get your system up and running efficiently so it’s ready to maintain your home’s comfort levels all year long.

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