Heating System Maintenance in South Jersey

Providing Reliable Heating Maintenance to Somers Point Homeowners

A dependable heating system is one of the most important parts of staying comfortable through our stingingly cold winter months here in South Jersey. And to ensure your system is performing at its best, there’s nothing more important than professional maintenance.

To maximize your comfort, reduce heating costs, and avoid costly repairs, McAllister provides comprehensive heating maintenance services that give your system the care it needs! We’ve been bringing the best HVAC services and products to South Jersey for decades, and when it comes to customer satisfaction, no one can match our certified professionals!

Looking for professional heating system maintenance in South Jersey? Give the team at McAllister a call at (877) 862-7321, or contact us online!

Heating System Maintenance

To operate properly and efficiently, heating systems require annual maintenance. As any heating contractor will tell you, most heating repairs are a result of poor maintenance. Keeping air filters clean is an important part of heating maintenance, and you can do it yourself. Most air filters require cleaning or replacement quarterly, but if you have dogs or cats, filters will need to be replaced more often, perhaps monthly. Besides keeping filters clean, annual boilers, furnace and heat pump tune-ups will keep your heating system in peak condition and catch potential problems before they can damage your equipment.

A professional heating maintenance service with McAllister includes:

  • System and component cleaning. By clearing out dust, debris, and grime we can optimize the efficiency of your heating system and reduce general wear and tear.
  • Parts and blower motor checks. We check all parts for signs of damage and ensure the blower system is optimized for effective air flow.
  • Component lubrication. Properly lubricated moving parts help to improve efficiency and increase system longevity, reducing the risks of a mid-season breakdown.  
  • Electrical connection checks. Checks ensure connections are secure and safe, reducing risks and ensuring proper performance.
  • Filter checks. We know you keep up with your filter, but we’ll double-check that you’ve got a new one in place!
  • Thermostat calibration. Thermostat calibrations ensure accurate temperature readings and ensure effective heating in your home or business.

We can guarantee better energy-efficiency, better comfort, and a reduced risk of repairs with our routine maintenance program! Contact us today to learn more.

The Advantages of Professional Routine Maintenance

No tool, appliance, or even person in the world is exempt from needing upkeep and maintenance. And that goes doubly-so for your HVAC systems! You depend on your system to keep you comfortable for months at a time, and all of that effort can take a toll, increasing the risk of breakdowns and lowered quality. But you need not worry if you’re getting routine maintenance!

Professional furnace maintenance from the experts at McAllister will provide:

  • Lower monthly heating costs. A worn down, dirty, and poorly maintained system works harder to do its job, eating up more energy than a new or properly maintained system. If you’re getting the maintenance you should be, you can expect to see far lower heating costs, saving you cash and netting you more comfort at the same time!
  • A reduced risk of costly repairs. Over time, your system begins to collect dust and grime, your components begin to wear and become loose, and electrical connections become weaker. All of these open you up to a huge risk for very expensive professional repair. But with maintenance, our professionals will catch and remedy these issues long before they become a real threat.
  • Better home air quality. By removing dust, pollen, and mold spore from your furnace or heating system, you reduce the overall amount of detritus in the air of your home. The result is cleaner, easier to breathe air, and a cleaner home to boot!
  • A longer heating system lifespan. With consistent care, you are far more likely to see that ten, fifteen, or twenty year lifespan you want from your heating system.
  • Protection for your warranty. Most modern heating system warranties require that you seek routine heating maintenance in order for them to remain valid. Our complete tune-up services offer all of the required services and routines needed to keep your system within its warranty.
  • Safer heating systems. Heating systems, particularly those that rely on oil or gas, can be more than just a bother if something goes wrong. Worn out systems are more likely to experience dangerous leaks and combustion problems, both of which are mitigated by professional tune-up service.

Maximize Your Benefits with Maintenance Plans from McAllister

In order to get the most from your furnace or heating system you want to be certain to get maintenance on a routine basis. Our experts know just how important consistent service is, which is why we offer comprehensive maintenance agreements! Our plans aim to ensure you get complete seasonal coverage and a full suite of tune-up and care services, so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered and ready for winter at all times.

At McAllister we offer a few service plans to ensure no matter what your needs are there’s an option to fit your budget and unique home heating system. Plans include:

The McAllister Comfort Plan Agreement

Our standard comfort plan covers a full year of maintenance service and also includes:

  • A complete tune-up for all covered units (heating and cooling)
  • Top priority emergency HVAC service
  • 15% discount on heating and cooling repair for systems covered by the plan
  • A complete 100% satisfaction guarantee on repairs while under the Comfort Plan

Comfort Plus Agreement Plan

Our Comfort Plus plan aims to offer you all of the perks of our standard plan, but we throw in even more perks and advantages as well as the opportunity to gain loyalty credit toward future McAllister purchases:

  • Complete tune-ups for all covered units
  • No additional charge on replacement parts or labor during the plan
  • Customer Loyalty Credits toward future system replacements with McAllister
  • 15% discount on repairs that aren’t already covered by the Plus plan
  • 15% discount on thermostat installation and IAQ systems like air purifiers and filtration systems

Our maintenance plans ensure you get the full benefits of professional service, helping you mitigate costly repairs, improve comfort and energy-efficiency, and even improve the air quality in your home! We want to ensure you get every bit of the comfort and quality you deserve, so reach out to a McAllister heating expert today to set up your service.

Furnace Maintenance in South Jersey

Your heating system works hard to keep up with your demands. This consistent need can take its toll, and without proper care, you can see an increased need for repairs, and a shorter system life span. Protect your investment, and your comfort, with McAllister’s professional maintenance services. We’ve been providing top notch heating system maintenance services to homeowners throughout the South Jersey area since 1876. You can trust our team to keep your system running all winter long. For dependable furnace maintenance in South Jersey, choose McAllister.

When the winter weather arrives, you need to be prepared to keep your home comfortable. Contact us online or call us at (877) 862-7321 to schedule heating system maintenance in Somers Point.