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For a homeowner, there is one factor that always comes before comfort. Before you ever consider home improvement, air conditioner installation, or even getting a new microwave, this factor has to have its say first. We’re, of course, talking about cost. But what if the experts at McAllister told you that there was a way to drastically reduce the cost of upkeep in your home, while also improving overall comfort?

For maximizing comfort while reducing overall home energy costs, energy audits are absolutely invaluable! This process assists you in nailing down areas of the home that utilize too much energy, or areas that can be improved with minor (or moderate) changes. We’ve been handling home energy audits in South Jersey for years, and we’re more than happy to bring our services to your home!

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The Home Energy Evaluation Process

A professional home performance evaluation is always conducted by a certified technician trained to locate, evaluate and quantify the different elements that impact comfort, performance and energy conservation. The HVAC professional uses advanced tools and equipment to identify air leaks, drafts, hot spots and air pressure issues. Special attention is paid to the heating and cooling equipment, which is thoroughly inspected, tested and calibrated.

McAllister home performance efficiency evaluation includes thorough information gathering and analysis. We provide a variety of important services including:

  • Infiltrometer blower door test to determine perimeter and duct leakage
  • Air leakage evaluation
  • Air flow diagnosis
  • Complete equipment inspection and test
  • Record insulation values for ceilings and walls
  • Gas and carbon monoxide test
  • Interior and exterior inspection to identify moisture damage
  • Establishing a benchmark for comparison to national averages
  • Provide a comprehensive report detailing energy consumption deficiencies
  • Identify all energy saving opportunities
  • Develop an energy savings strategy

Benefits of a Professional Home Energy Audit

An energy audit can bring about numerous changes in your home, all of which are aimed at improving the overall comfort you experience, and reducing the costs of maintaining your home. Some benefits include:

  • Improved home comfort. An audit will often locate air leaks and inadequate insulation in your home. Both of these problems directly affect how well your home retains heating and cooling from your HVAC system, and rectifying any issues can lead to demonstrable improvements in home comfort.
  • Reduced costs. The driving force for many of us, an energy audit can help you shore up your energy use, impacting overall energy use and monthly/yearly costs.
  • Increased marketability. Improved energy efficiency and a stronger home “envelope” (related to adequate insulation) promote better market values for your home, making it more appealing to potential future buyers.
  • Increased home safety. Energy audits are a great opportunity to check for common home problems like mold and wiring issues, helping you improve the safety of your home by eliminating problems long before they grow into permanent, structurally-compromising ones.

When Should You Seek an Energy Audit?

Generally speaking, anyone can benefit considerably from an energy audit if they haven’t had one in the past few years. However, there are a few situations that may make you more inclined to do so, even if you’ve had one recently:

  • Your utility bills have been spiking
  • Your home isn’t comfortable enough, but you don’t need HVAC repair
  • You feel that your system runs too frequently, with what seems like minimal returns on comfort
  • You lack appropriate amounts of insulation in your home, or you frequently feel drafts

Recommendations for Better HVAC Performance

Since an HVAC system accounts for approximately 50 percent of the total annual power consumption in a typical home, the energy performance evaluation will include a number of recommendations that relate to equipment performance.

  • Replace obsolete equipment. An old furnace or air conditioner can raise annual utility costs substantially. In fact, replacing an aging 10 SEER air conditioner with a new 19 SEER unit can save up to 48 percent in monthly cooling costs.
  • Air conditioner and furnace maintenance. Routine maintenance is a critical element required to keep your HVAC system performing at optimal efficiency. Stressed and worn parts force your equipment to work harder and longer to meet the indoor load, which contributes to higher energy costs and may lead to a premature failure.
  • Insulation: Over time, blown-in insulation begins to settle, and the material loses some of its R-value. Substandard insulation levels add to accumulated HVAC equipment runtime hours. This condition raises utility costs and can result in more frequent breakdowns. We will calculate the R-value of your insulation and make recommendations where appropriate.
  • Duct leakage. Until recently, there were no national duct construction standards. As a result, loose connections, inferior materials and shoddy workmanship was common. Conditioned air that leaks into the attic increases the HVAC equipment load and can create a serious indoor air quality problem. We locate any ductwork issues and completely seal the system using state-of-the-art materials and techniques.

Home Energy Audit Solutions with McAllister

Our comprehensive home evaluation services are sure to provide you with a superior solution to meet your comfort needs! With the assistance of our certified HVAC experts, you can expect to enjoy lower costs, and a higher quality of life in the home in no time! Ready to get started with your South Jersey energy audit? Make your appointment today!

If you want to address high energy costs, call the experts at McAllister. We offer complete home energy audits throughout Somers Point, New Jersey.

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