Air Conditioner Maintenance in South Jersey

Here in South Jersey, we’re practically dependent upon our air conditioning systems in the summer. And when it comes time to fight off the heat, you need your system operating at its absolute best. To get the best out of your air conditioning this year, be sure to seek out professional maintenance.

McAllister has been providing top quality HVAC services and solutions for over forty years. Our team carries all of the skill, experience, and knowledge needed to ensure you get the best possible maintenance experience. We’ve built our reputation on exceeding expectations, and our results are completely guaranteed!

Need professional maintenance for your Pennsauken or Somers Point, NJ home? Look no further than McAllister! Contact us today online, or over the phone at 877-665-7577.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Services

At McAllister, our experts take great care to ensure your system gets all of the service it needs to perform perfectly. We couple superior training with top of the line equipment to completely restore and optimize your air conditioner in South Jersey.

Our service is comprehensive, and when you get maintenance with McAllister, we’ll:

  • Perform complete diagnostics for your system. Everything from the thermostat to the fans of your air conditioning system will be rigorously checked for proper function, and to ensure there are no issues that may cause trouble down the line.
  • Check all parts and components. Moving parts are lubricated and checked for quality to ensure all is well, in working order, and performing as efficiently as possible.
  • Ensure electrical connections are secure and sound. Loose or damaged connections are some of the leading causes for air conditioner repairs, so we take great caution in ensuring connections are in proper condition and working order.
  • Perform a total system cleaning. By clearing up dust and debris buildup, our technicians can improve the performance and energy-efficiency of your system, reducing the risks of a breakdown and reducing your monthly cooling costs.
  • Administer repairs and replacements as necessary. If an issue is found with your Pennsauken cooling system, a McAllister expert will talk with you about it, offering up the best solutions to remedy the situation.

The Benefits of Professional Maintenance

Whether we’re talking appliances, vehicles, or even people; everything requires a measure of routine maintenance to perform at its best. Your HVAC system is no exception! Regular, professionally administered maintenance is guaranteed to improve the function of your HVAC system. Not only that, it comes with some huge benefits as well:

  • Greater efficiency. Without proper maintenance, you can expect to see much, much lower efficiency from your system. This means less comfort, and a greater cost. In many cases, well-maintained systems will outperform neglected ones by several times.
  • Longer air conditioner lifespan. Your HVAC system can be expected to run comfortably for around ten to fifteen years on average (depending on the type of air conditioner). But without routine maintenance, you can cut that number in half! Protect your investment, and your comfort, with professional maintenance.
  • Better air quality. Did you know that your cooling system also doubles as a low-grade air purifier? The filtration system in your air conditioner reduces the number of potentially harmful and allergy-exacerbating particles present in your home. But, this can mean that over time, your system ends up looking like one giant dust bunny on the inside. This can cause havoc on your air quality, and drop the effectiveness of your system.
  • Lower monthly cooling costs. An effective, well-tuned system requires far less fuel (be it electricity, gas, or otherwise) to get its job done. That means not only will you be more comfortable, but you’ll pay less, too!
  • Reduced frequency of repairs. So many of the professional repairs we handle (more than half, in fact) could be avoided with maintenance. The most common causes of breakdowns and repair are often, if not always, caught and handled before they become an issue with maintenance.
  • Less costly repairs. In the event that a problem does occur with your cooling system, the repairs needed are far less likely to be exceptionally expensive. The most costly repairs, including component replacement, tend to be resolved during a proper maintenance visit.

There are two integral keys to routine maintenance: prevention and maximized performance. Without these, you’re paying more, and getting so much less out of your cooling system.

Trust the NATE-certified experts at McAllister to keep your system working at its best! Contact us today to schedule an air conditioner maintenance tune-up.

Save Stress & Time with McAllister’s Maintenance Plan

Maintenance should never be regarded as a once-off task. Like any other piece of equipment, maintenance results are always best when pursued regularly. Get your system the care it needs and ensure you’re equipped to handle anything our South Jersey weather can throw at you!

McAllister offers our Pennsauken and Somers Point patrons maintenance plans that cover all of your bases. These plans are tailor-made to accommodate your specific needs, and provide all of the care and services your system needs to operate at its best.

Why Do I Need Routine Maintenance?

When the summer season hits here in Jersey, you need to be able to rely on your air conditioner to get you through the day. And while most modern AC systems are perfectly equipped to meet your needs, that consistent dependency will take its toll. This results in a system that ages too quickly, and begins to lose efficacy at an alarming rate.

Maintenance is the perfect remedy, offering your system the cleaning, checks, care, and service it needs to work just as well as it did when it was first installed!

Contact our certified heating and cooling experts today to learn more about our superior maintenance services, and how we can help you get the most out of your HVAC system!

Choose McAllister for South Jersey Air Conditioner Maintenance

Keep your family comfortable all summer long with air conditioning maintenance from McAllister. We’ve been providing top notch AC maintenance services to homeowners throughout the Pennsauken and Somers Point areas since 1876. You can trust our team to keep your system running all summer long. For dependable air conditioning maintenance in South Jersey, choose McAllister.

When the summer weather arrives, you need to be prepared to keep your home comfortable. Contact us online or call us at 877-665-7577 to schedule air conditioner maintenance in the Pennsauken and Somers Point area.