Benefits of a Whole House Generator

More and more homeowners in South Jersey are choosing to install a whole home generator every single year. Why? It’s not just about fighting off a storm anymore because generators that can power your entire home during an outage bring a lot of other great benefits in a modern home. Wondering what those might be and how you may benefit from a whole home generator? Follow along with the experts at McAllister to find out!

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The Benefits a Generator Can Provide

Generators that power your entire home during an outage, as opposed to single-object portable generators mean you have a power solution no matter what comes, as they can easily handle powering all of your appliances, lights, and other functions. Other than the obvious, this can provide you with additional benefits as well, including:

  • Safety and security. When the power goes out in your home, even normal activities like going from room to room can become perilous. The dangers of falling, tripping, or incurring an injury go a lot higher. Not to mention your home security systems going down, which can put you at risk of opportunist unsavory characters. A generator ensures you never have to choose between safety and function, giving you an easy solution that does it all.
  • Total home function in an outage. A whole-home generator operates most commonly off of an automatic transfer switch, meaning it will immediately swap from grid power to generator power  in the blink of an eye. That means you get little more than a flicker of the lights when the power goes out, and ensures you retain access to all of the critical functions of your home.
  • Cost-avoidance. Multiple-day or all day outages aren’t unheard of here in South Jersey—especially during the stormy seasons. And while this is inconvenient enough as is, the real problem is losing perishables in your home. When the fridge and freezer are down for days, you can expect to toss out hundreds of dollars worth of food, medications, and other important items. A generator saves you from this risk, paying dividends very quickly by ensuring all of your perishables are safe and secure at all times.
  • Risk avoidance. The power in your home kicking on and off rapidly, a common occurrence during storms here in Somers Point, the rapid changes in voltage and surges in power can critically damage major home appliances like HVAC systems, washers and dryers, and cooking equipment. When you use a generator, it will only swap back to grid power when it is safe and stable, and if outages continue to happen, the generator will save your systems from rapid changes in power output.

Superior Generator Installation Services in South Jersey

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