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6 Signs You Need Emergency Furnace Repair

6 Signs You Need Emergency Furnace Repair

There’s no such thing as a furnace problem that’s “okay” to have. They’re all awful and stressful, and the vast majority of them mean no heating comfort until they’re fixed. But you may notice the experts at McAllister…The Service Company offer both furnace repair and emergency furnace repair. What’s the difference, and when is the problem you’re having an emergency? Find out by following along!

Have a furnace problem on your hands and not sure what to do? Contact McAllister to learn more about the services we offer in Somers Point, or call 800-757-4122 for emergency service right away!

What’s the Difference?

Any successful furnace contractor prides themselves on bringing clients reliable and timely service. But there are some distinct differences between standard service and emergency heating service. The big ones are:

  • An immediate response. Naturally a contractor wants to get to clients ASAP. But at the same time we can’t just drop the job we’re on and walk out the door every time a new call comes up! That’s why an emergency service team is kept in reserve—that way they can respond within minutes.
  • All hours service. Most furnace experts work really hard. But they have to sleep some time! Emergency service teams are rotated and kept on call around the clock, though, so that there’s always an expert ready to help near you.
  • Any day service. Furnace blow out on Thanksgiving, or is your December holiday getting ruined by an untimely boiler failure? Emergency service teams are always available.

Beyond that emergency experts often answer different types of calls. Some problems are just more threatening or bigger than others, and thus require a speedy and precise resolution. Which brings us to the next bit.

These Signs Mean You Need Emergency Service

  • Electrical issues. Problems like breaker trips, electrical buzzing and humming, and flickering lights when the system kicks on are all signs of a big electrical issues. These can be really dangerous, so we recommend calling an emergency furnace service.
  • Loud furnace noises. Almost every unusual noise your system is capable of making will mean a part is loose, bad, or otherwise damaged. And that part can cause absolutely huge amounts of damage to your system as a whole if left unchecked for too long.
  • Gas odors in the home. A gas leak is never something to fiddle around with. If you smell gas from your furnace system shut off your main and call an emergency team right away.
  • Heating system leaks. Extensive or even minor water damage can rack up huge repair and renovation bills in a hurry, which is why recommend you call for an emergency team when you spot a furnace or boiler leak.
  • The furnace or heat pump blows cold air. If your system is blowing cold air you’ll soon be stuck with icicles on your earlobes! That’s not just a problem, it’s an emergency. And one you need taken care of quickly.
  • Furnace failure. Many furnace problems are annoying or potentially costly, but not all of them result in a furnace that outright refuses to operate. If your system breaks down try to stay warm and call a professional ASAP.

Emergency Heating Services in South Jersey

Got an emergency on your hands? We’ve got the tools, training, and dedication needed to ensure they’re handled both quickly and accurately! Call a McAllister professional today at 800-757-4122 to get top-class priority heating solutions!

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