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Why Does My Air Conditioner Keep Blowing Fuses?

Why Does My Air Conditioner Keep Blowing Fuses?

An electrical problem with your AC unit may seem like a foreign concept to some homeowners, but it’s actually a common issue. There are different reasons or causes for blown fuses, but each one results in the same thing: a lack of cool air.

Electrical issues may be intimidating for some homeowners, and that’s perfectly fine! If you suspect your air conditioner may have blown a fuse, contact a professional HVAC company to get your unit back online.

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Fuses?

As the case with most air conditioner issues, there could be a variety of issues causing your AC unit to “act up.” Some of the more common causes of blown fuses are:

  • Malfunctioning capacitor. This issue can cause the most grief for air conditioner owners because to the untrained eye, it isn’t easy to diagnose. Your air conditioner’s capacitor regulates the unit’s electrical flow, but if it’s on the fritz, it could repeatedly cause your units’ fuses to blow.
  • Dirty filter. Doesn’t it seem like the filter is the culprit in a lot of scenarios that involve your AC not working? That’s because it is! Maintaining a clean filter not only increased the quality of your indoor air quality, but it also doesn’t force your air conditioner to overwork itself, which could result in blown fuses!
  • Faulty electrical connections. Your air conditioner could be blowing fuses due to some issues that begin and end in the fuse box itself. It’s important to note that changing temperatures can make these wires expand and contract, which could be affecting whether or not the electrical connection is secure.
  • Low refrigerant. Another cause of blown AC fuses could be a low refrigerant level. Without the proper amount of refrigerant, your AC has to work harder to maintain its performance. Much like having a dirty air filter, this could cause your air conditioner to blow a fuse simply from overworking.

Regardless of the reason, most of the time it’s easier to allow a professional to identify the problem and provide a permanent solution so it doesn’t continue to happen in the future. If your air conditioner is blowing fuses in South Jersey, call McAllister at 609-927-4122 or contact us online!

How Can I Stop My Air Conditioner from Blowing Fuses?

There some steps you can take to prevent your AC from blowing fuses in the future. Remember: If you think you could be dealing with a serious electrical problem, call a professional. Often times, extra tinkering will do more harm than help.

Most of these can be done when you are completing some routine air conditioner maintenance. For example:

  • Check or clean your air filter. For as often as air filters cause problems, homeowners don’t pay them enough attention. Check the status of your air filter, replace if it’s dirty, and remember to check it every three months!
  • Maintain a clean outdoor unit. Much like your air filter, it’s important to make sure your air filters are clean and clear of debris like grass clipping, leaves, and other outdoor irritants.
  • Check your breaker. If your air conditioner has only tripped the breaker once, something as simple as reengaging it may fix your issue. If you find you air conditioner is constantly tripping or blowing fuses however, it’s time to contact a professional AC repair service.

When Should I Call an HVAC Company for AC Repair?

If you aren’t seeing a solution after trying the above steps, then it’s time to contact a local, reliable HVAC company. Something more involved like a refrigerant leak or broken condenser fan might be the culprit. At this point, an air conditioner repair company has the appropriate tools and resources to get everything back up and running again.

Why Choose McAllister for AC Repair in Somers Point, NJ?

McAllister…The Service Company has been in the business for over 100 years, so we’ve seen it all. We take pride in ensuring our customers are comfortable with every aspect of our business. This includes being comfortable with your HVAC systems, our services, and our prices.

Give us a call at 609-927-4122 or contact us online for all your AC repair, AC maintenance, and AC installation needs in South Jersey!

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