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Should I Install an Oil or Gas Furnace?

Should I Install an Oil or Gas Furnace?

Though we’ve still got a few pretty hot weeks left here in South Jersey, fall is right around the corner! This means we’ll be seeing a measure of relief from vicious heat (and a drop on those awful cooling bills as well), but winter won’t be far off. It’s a good idea to get a head start on ensuring you’ll have all you need to get the right kind of heat for your home.

Trouble is, there are a lot of options out there. It can be hard to tell which system works best. Today the experts at McAllister thought it would be a good idea to go over two of the most often installed and used systems in our area: oil and gas furnaces!

Oil or Gas: Which Is Better?

First off, there is no “undisputed champion” of the heating and cooling world. Every system is unique, but they all can provide perfectly adequate temperature control. It’s more about finding the system that meets your specific needs the best and seeking out professional installation services.

Oil Furnaces: The Ups & Downs

Oil heating has been a homeowner’s go-to heating source for a long, long time. They provide powerful, high-quality heat with reasonably long system lifespans.

Oil furnace benefits include:

  • Very strong heat. Per BTU (British Thermal Unit), no other heating system boasts as much raw strength. An oil furnace can keep a home warm under any condition.
  • Cost-effective installation. Oil furnaces generally cost around twenty percent less than a gas furnace of the same level of quality and strength, meaning they can provide a good option for homeowners looking to save on the installation.
  • Availability. Some homeowners have trouble getting gas lines and securing utility service in certain areas. Since the oil for an oil furnace is stored on-site, there’s no issue with having fuel available.

The downsides of oil include:

  • High recurring price. While oil heat is very strong, it is also equally costly. Oil is the most expensive fuel source for a furnace (slightly arguable, as in some areas electric furnaces may cost more to operate on a monthly basis).
  • Requires a storage tank. The oil has to be stored somewhere, and that means the installation of an appropriate vessel somewhere on the property. This is a small downside, however, as oil tanks are usually fairly small and easy to install.

Gas Furnaces: The Highs & Lows

Gas has been a dependable, solid source for heating in South Jersey for ages. Many choose it for its even, clean heating and improved efficiency.

Gas furnace benefits include:

  • Less costly fuel source. Gas heat is cheaper to acquire than oil, and since the supply line simply pipes gas in as needed, you’ll never find yourself with a shortage.
  • Low maintenance needs. Assuming you’re getting the routine maintenance all HVAC systems need, you’ll find your gas furnace needs very little upkeep otherwise. They tend to last for ages, providing a reliable and stress-free heating source.
  • Quiet operation. Gas furnaces operate at barely a whisper, leaving your home peaceful and quiet on those cold nights.

As far as the downsides for gas go, they include:

  • Initial investment. The initial installation is a bit more costly, but can be cheaper to run long-term.
  • Requires a reliable gas company. With a gas furnace, you need access to a reliable company that can keep your system operating at full capacity all winter.

When it comes down to it, getting the best answer is going to take a little sleuthing. Shop around, get estimates from certified professionals, and make your choice from there!

Furnace Services in South Jersey

At McAllister we keep our prices low and our value high. Whether you’re interested in a gas or an oil furnace, our team has the knowledge and experience to do the job right the first time, every time. We trust the quality of our work, which is why everything we do is backed by a worry-free customer service guarantee.

As a South Jersey resident, you need a reliable heating system you can count on to keep your family comfortable when the temperatures reach record lows. Contact us for furnace services including installation, repair, and maintenance!

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