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How Much Does a Furnace Tune-Up Cost?

How Much Does a Furnace Tune-Up Cost?

Is it closing in on your first furnace tune-up? Or your first tune-up with a new HVAC provider? If furnace maintenance costs are causing you untold amounts of stress—or even keeping you from scheduling a tune-up date in the first place—then take a deep breath. We’re here to walk you through it!

Tune-ups for furnaces are easily-overlooked, but maintenance is crucial to keeping your furnace healthy and functioning throughout its lifespan. Furnace tune-ups allow your HVAC technicians to keep your system in tip-top running order and spot any potential problems before they have a chance to do any damage. Still, the question remains: “How much is a furnace tune-up going to cost me?” The fear of being price-gouged and charged for things you weren’t told about upfront can stop you from investing in this important home maintenance. Don’t let it!

Standard Tune-Up Charges in South Jersey

The difficult thing about a discussion of this type is that there isn’t any standard universal furnace-tune up cost. Assuming it’s a standard maintenance service with no additional repairs (that’ll tend to be cleaning, parts lubrication, electrical connection checks, diagnostics) you can usually expect a run of the mill tune-up to cost roughly between $50-100. But do keep in mind $50 is a huge low-ball and you might want to be a bit skeptical of a price like that outside of a special on the service or rebates.

Things that can impact a furnace tune-up cost:

  • The type of heating equipment you have (gas, electric, oil, hybrid, high-efficiency). Lots of heating equipment requires very specific tasks and services in order to get it tuned correctly, which can impact labor costs in some cases.
  • The age of your heating system. Older systems need more work, and are also more likely to need additional calibrations and repairs.
  • Whether or not repairs are needed. Repairs can vary considerable, which might impact your costs if you choose to get the furnace repair.
  • How long it has been since your last tune-up. A system that hasn’t been getting the standard once a year is going to be in rough shape, which might change the cost.

Get the Most for Your Money with a Service Plan

If you’re keeping up with your yearly tune-up you should absolutely look into joining up on a maintenance service plan. Plans like these tend to offer a lot of distinct advantages—the company gets your continued business, and you get discounts, cuts on tune-up costs, priority service, and even more. It’s a great way to work hand-in-hand with your HVAC company and the ideal way to get the service you need while also saving a buck in the meantime.

It’s Cheaper Than the Alternative

We say this partially as a joke (we’re not here to scare you!), but there’s a lot of truth here, too. There are two major goals of a furnace tune-up: improve energy-efficiency, and avoid or head off problems that can lead to breakdowns. Getting tune-ups regularly and on time can help you drop the risks of needing repairs by a huge amount. In fact many if not most of our furnace repair calls are from homeowners who didn’t get maintenance that year!

Repairs can range from costing you $100 to $500—sometimes even double that. Don’t take the risk! A tune-up is like getting car maintenance or going for a checkup at the doctor. It’s all about prevention and protection.

Is it time to schedule your furnace tune-up, or are you interested in learning about maintenance plans offered by McAllister? Contact us online today to find out more!

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