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How to Rid Your South Jersey Home of Excess Dust

How to Rid Your South Jersey Home of Excess Dust

Tired of choking on dust, dander, and debris in your South Jersey home? If so, you’re most certainly not alone! Beyond the wonky weather we tend to deal with, poor indoor air quality is the biggest plague of every home in South Jersey. But fret no longer—the specialists at McAllister have the solutions you’ve been looking for!

Looking for perfect indoor air quality solutions for your home in Somers Point? Contact McAllister online today to talk to our certified IAQ experts!

Dealing with Dust: On Your Own

While we’re quite happy to say we’ve got a perfect, permanent solution on hand, there are also some steps you can take all on your own to curb the dust that accumulates in your home. To help mitigate dust accumulation, be sure to:

  • Stop dry dusting. Yes, if you want less dust you should stop dusting. Dry dusting, that is. The problem here is that dust is already dry, so swiping a cloth or feathered tool at it tends to do nothing more than kick it into the air, where it will come to rest again later. For the best results, use a slightly damp cloth, using either commercial dusting fluids or some DIY stuff.
  • Clean fabrics frequently. They might not look it, but the fabrics in your home are absolutely loaded thick with dust. Shine a flashlight on your sofa and give it a slap—you’ll see what we mean. To really curb dust, clean all fabrics often. That means laundering window treatments, vacuuming carpets weekly at a minimum, and changing bedding on the regular.
  • Invest in good doormats (and use them!). Dust accumulates naturally in any home. It’s made up of primarily skin cells, cleaning chemicals, pet dander, etc. But a very considerable amount of dust that makes its way into your home comes by way of your feet; more namely your shoes. Start up a no-shoes on in the home rule and you’ll soon see a difference for certain.

Dealing with Dust: Permanent Solutions

All of those tips are really good ways to mitigate dust somewhat, but if you’re looking for the best indoor air quality options out there, read up a bit on air cleaners (also known as air filtration systems). These systems get installed directly into your duct system, and work hard to filter out the vast majority of dust in a home. And they don’t just catch dust! These HEPA-fitted filters will catch dust, dander, mold spores, bacteria, funky odor-causing pathogens, and even more!

These top-class systems can provide you with a slew of benefits, including:

  • Cleaner, healthier, and more breathable air
  • Lessened allergy symptoms
  • A dust-free home
  • Preserved HVAC efficiency
  • And even more!

Indoor Air Quality Solutions in South Jersey

If you want cleaner, more breathable air in your South Jersey home, McAllister is here to help! Our team carries the top-quality keys to your breathing freedom and we stand ready to provide you with the best in the business. Contact us online today to learn more, or to set a date for your home air quality consultation!

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