Boiler Replacement in South Jersey

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Living in an area like South Jersey where the average winter temperatures hover around 40 degrees, reliable heating equipment is a must. With a typical lifespan of around 15 years, your boiler isn’t meant to last forever and depending on how long you own your home, boiler replacement is something you’ll eventually need to consider. If the time is now, McAllister can help. Our experienced boiler technicians have been helping to keep homeowners in Pennsauken and Somers Point comfortable throughout the winter since 1876.

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South Jersey Boiler Replacement

Whether your boiler replacement has been planned for or has come as an unexpected surprise, your choice of replacement and the company you choose to install it will determine the comfort and safety of your family for years to come. Boiler technology has been around for centuries, with the first models being of a much simpler design than the boilers of today. Although the technology has come far, it continues to evolve, meaning that the boiler which was installed in your home 20—or even 10 years ago—is much less efficient than those made today. McAllister installs a number of top brands, including:

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Do I Need A New Boiler?

If you’re unsure whether to repair or replace your ailing boiler, here are some warning signs that a replacement is imminent:

  • Age. With an average lifespan between 10 and 20 years, a boiler that is approaching the 15 year mark should be considered for replacement.
  • Inefficiency. If you’ve noticed your energy bills creeping up over the last few years, it is likely due to your inefficient boiler since heating typically accounts for 50 percent or more of your energy bill each month. A newer, more efficient model can help you save instantly, while reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Comfort. If you’re having trouble maintaining your desired level of heat or notice the boiler is taking longer to heat up than it used to, boiler replacement can help.
  • Frequent repairs. Repeated repairs that go above and beyond normal maintenance are a red flag that your boiler is at the end of it’s life cycle.

Benefits of Boiler Replacement

Replacing your old boiler with a newer model may seem like a big investment, but mounting repair, fuel, and maintenance expenses can cost even more over time. There are a number of significant benefits to boiler replacement, including the following:

  • Increased comfort. Heat your home quickly and evenly, with a properly sized, replacement boiler.
  • Decreased energy costs. A boiler which was manufactured as little as 10 years ago can operate at an efficiency rate of 60 percent or less, compared to newer models which can operate above 95 percent efficiency.
  • Peace of mind. Rest easy knowing that your new boiler is operating safely and that you no longer need to worry about mid-season breakdowns.
  • Life expectancy. Many new models have a longer lifespan than their older counterparts.
  • Extra space. New boilers tend to be more compact than older models, freeing up additional space.

Boiler Installation & Replacement

If you’re considering replacing an existing system or installing a boiler in your South Jersey home, it’s important that you contact a reputable company like McAllister. Our expert boiler technicians will provide high quality service so you can rest easy knowing your system will be set up correctly—the first time—and will work properly for many years to come. At McAllister, we want to be the first—and the last—call you make when hiring a heating company for boiler services. Our family-owned business has been providing South Jersey with top-quality HVAC services since 1876! See what your satisfied neighbors are saying about McAllister.

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